Ashes Of Creation Shares Details On The Commission System And How It Affects The World

Commissions are quests that level up your character and nodes.

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Ashes Of Creation Shares Details On The Commission System

Today Ashes of Creation is putting a spotlight on Commissions, a questing system coming to the MMORPG that not only levels up your character but also the town nodes in the world. Completing these commissions can impact the world around you.

Everything is, of course, still a work in progress when it comes to Ashes of Creation, but they gave an overview of the system. Creative Director Steven Sharif says they aren't trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to questing, but they are trying to change the way you complete quests and how it impacts the world. Ashes of Creation wants to create a dynamic world that is always in flux, and that is a core tenant of what they are looking to build.

Each node will have many different commission boards where you pick up commissions. You pick up the quests at these locations and then head out into the world to progress your character. You'll be able to see some standard information on the commission boards, and they come in different rarities with increasing rewards. The board will refresh every 30 minutes and will use information on the state of the world in order to deliver commissions that are relevant to the area.

All players will see the same commissions, so other players will likely be in the same zone as you completing quests, so feel free to work together.

During your adventures, you'll also run across side quests in the world which can be hidden in various ways. Exploration can lead to finding more side quests that you may not have gotten otherwise.

During the hour-long Ashes of Creation livestream, there were about 30 minutes of talk and footage of commissions. The commissions part begins around the 13:45 mark if you want to skip the beginning intro. You can watch the full video below.

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