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Today, Trion World’s launched Season 3 of its free-to-play strategy game Atlas Reactor. Along with the kickoff of the new season, players can expect a new freelancer, a new map, 11 new warforged skins, and more.

Season 3 Ranked will kick off in two weeks with all players who participate earning even more rewards than before. At the end of the season, players will earn rank-based Emblems, a bonus of Prestige Points, and more.

The new Freelancer, Meridian, is a hammer-wielding mech capable of taking up both frontline and support roles, taking down enemies using ranged melee, and healing allies. The map is a high-tech armory known as the Hyperforge. It’s an open battleground with a good amount of camouflage.

As for the new “Warforged” skins, they are available for Kaigin, Phaedra, Su-Ren, Rask, and Blackburn, creating robotic versions of each of these freelancers.

In addition to the above highlights, the Season 3 update will include new stats, badges, and other features. More information on the Season 3 update is available on the Atlas Reactor blog.

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  1. Asdf on May 10, 2017

    400 players play this on steam and it’s going down. Gj people for paying for this game.

    • Tor81 on May 10, 2017

      If 400 player pay, its better than 10000 players and nobody pay for game 🙂

      • Asdf on May 10, 2017

        You expect to much and you logic is flawed.

    • Curst on May 10, 2017

      They have more than 15 000 active players on Steam. The number is not impressive and the game was horribly mishandled by the publisher, but it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to pull random misleading statements out of your rear to bash the game…

      • Asdf on May 10, 2017

        You tell me i’m misleading yet you tell 15 000 is the population. Steam charts and githyp say otherwise, 400-700 a few month ago.
        Better say the world is flat than 15k population if you want people to believe you.

        • Curst on May 10, 2017

          Atlas Reactor – AppID:402570
          Players Online:
          Right now – 530
          24h peak – 718
          All-time peak – 3613

          767,850 ± 25,241 owners
          522,408 ± 20,826 players total
          15,653 ± 3,607 players in last 2 weeks

          Peak online =/= number of active players.
          Current online =/= number of active players.

          It’s usually safe to assume that “players in last 2 weeks” equals active playerbase. Especially if that number didn’t flactuate for a long enough time (more than 2 weeks). And it didn’t.

          Keep speaking out of your rear. -_-

          • ASDF on May 10, 2017

            Yet this explains you are dumb af.On a daily basis there are 718 players online at once.
            Maybe a player plays 2 hours,1 hour,one installs it and get bored,then a next player joins it place.
            It can be 4 peak players with 20 people if one plays at 1-3 am one from -3-4 and so on.If you understand what i’m saying. For an mmo you should look first on players peak not players in the last 2 weeks geesh.

    • asdfisalwayshatin' on May 11, 2017

      ive never played on Steam, never. I know quite a few players who play who also have never played on Steam. the game existed before Steam and not everyone migrated over.