There’s a lot going on in Aura Kingdom‘s latest update, which goes live today. Take to the sky — or rather, the Sky Tower — as the dragon-infested Floors 51 to 55 of the tower are now accessible for S5 (105) players at set times every day.

Other challenges in today’s update include a new Eidolon Story Dungeon, where you play as Hebe, and Monster Story Dungeon Battle of Roars, where you become a “terrifying beast in search of the ultimate power.” There’s also a new solo mode for the Nightmare Dungeon Frost Prison, if you feel brave enough to take it on by yourself.

If you’re looking for slightly less of a challenge, try out the Crystal Mine event and blow up rocks for science or partake of the Gaia Chronicle Event to obtain a special bird pet. Also, the Eidolon Intimacy System has been expanded for new Eidolons, and you can increase their intimacy by speaking to them while they’re in your Eidolon Den. Just try and keep it PG, OK?

Other changes in this update include customized face pictures, more guild activities, and mount stat shuffling. Learn more about Aura Kingdom’s latest update on the website.

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