Rumble Entertainment has just released the trailer for Ballistic, the upcoming free-to-play shooter for Facebook and browsers that promises AAA-quality FPS gameplay instantly to any computer.

Developed by Brazil based Aquiris Game Studio, Ballistic is a free to play team-based first person shooter set in the near future. Ballistic beta begins this Spring, to sign up for closed beta, players can visit the official website.


  1. I played this on for a few hours. I don’t like the shop system, You get a 3 day trial of all the classes then your stuck with one guy until you buy the others. LAME!!! But other than that the graphics are amazing for a browser game.

  2. I saw people comparing this game to battlefield 3 and call of duty, remember
    This game is being run in a browser (safari, google chrome, internet explorer)

    For me this game is already incredible quality obtained by round in the browser.

  3. i love action styled mmorpgs, check out the newley released age of wushu, the free battle system is exactly what i mean, a game without level and class, only thousands of skills to work for.

  4. I don’t know about you guys, but the voice acting in the video sounds very much like the voice acting in crossfire.

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  8. I am 99% sure that this will be awfully optimized. It will be one of these games which doesn’t even look good but has system requirements as in if it was CryEngine 3.

  9. These browser games are smart . You’re right no download means no client download. Warface is a browser mmo but it takes time when you load it for the first time . Now thats downloading I think it took a bit more than 1 hour on my 4Mbps so maybe its a 2-3 GB file!

  10. We already have Offensive Combat and Warface…
    and this game is using browser game play to market itself

  11. For something out of Brazil, it could be worse. At first glance it looks better than most client based shooters that have been released as of late. But we are talking about a shooter so… seen one you pretty much seen them all. And its not really fun unless you can crash a plane into another plane and hijack another plane all at the same time.

  12. I would say that the graphics look okay but not as some people earlier have mentioned AAA. Im guessing your RAM is gonna be used a hell lot so im wondering what your specs will have to be. The game itself looks kinds bleh (proly just me) as a guy had to empty a whole clip on a guy just to kill him.

  13. The graphics look clean but they aren’t AAA, aside from that it doesn’t look like anything special. The whole browser based thing isn’t a selling point for me because ever browser game I’ve ever played has been terrible and I’m not restricted by hardware or drive space.

    Let me actually download it and I might consider trying it but as long as its browser based I wont touch it.

  14. On a serious note.. this game seems to have promise. The graphics look a little too polished for “no download”. Most browser shooters seem to promise “no download” but really mean no “client download”. You still have to download Unity or whatever platform they’re running off, and like I said those graphics look too polished for live streaming. Maybe if you have a gigabit connection.. >.>

    • Yo! What’s up? 🙂
      I’m a beta tester for this game here in Brazil, and the graphics quality you’re seeing in the trailer are achieved without a client download (you still have to download and install Unity Web Player, but hey, the web player is a lot smaller then a client 🙂 ). Also, you don’t need to have a super-speed-of-light internet conection either, a broadband conection will do the job.

      • I never understand why you never have anything constructive to say, but post anyways.. I obviously do not have dial-up. I have cable, and I get 50mbps on WiFi so suck it.


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