Some unsuspecting players who logged into APB Reloaded recently got a bit of a surprise when they discovered their accounts had been banned from the game — either permanently or temporarily. As is generally the case with mass bans, the GamersFirst team was inundated with inquiries from banned players demanding to know why they’d been banned or insisting they’d done nothing warranting a ban.

As it turns out, the number of inquiries was enough to prompt GamersFirst CEO Matt Scott to hop on the forums and lay out the reasoning behind all the bans. The company has been working with BattlEye for a while to detect and block cheaters and hackers in the game.

Depending on the severity of actions, some were given a permanent block. These blocks were sent out on accounts that the company had spent time researching and collecting evidence against those players.

Luckily for a good portion of the banned players, those permanently banned account for a small portion of those affected. The rest of the bans are temporary ones based on BattlEye detections. Over time, staff will review these and determine which should remain and which should be reverted.

Players who wish to discuss their bans with the staff will need to contact GamersFirst support. Just keep in mind that it will take a while due to the high number of people affected by the bans.

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  1. Even though LO is still to show an Engine update that probably makes the game playable, LO did in half a year what Reloaded/Gamersfirst failed to do in 5 years.

    They unbanned every Cheater, but at the same time implemented new methods to ban them, I am still against unbanning but BAttleEye is at least a couple steps up from what was in place before which was the utterly horrible FairFight that was never set up to do anything.

    It is yet to see if LO Can turn it all around, but if they do, APB up to this day has great potential that is left unused.

  2. Playing this game since 2013… Finally cheaters getting banned and im extremely happy for “LO” to trace and ban cheaters main acc. not just fake ones.


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