Sad, but not totally unexpected news coming out of Gearbox Software this weekend: Battleborn‘s next update will be its last.

Creative Director Randy Varnell posted an announcement this evening on the game’s forums, stating that the game would no longer receive any updates following the deployment of its Fall Update, which was announced at PAX Prime. This update will include new skins, updated title art, finisher boosts, taunts, and bug fixes.

Servers for the game would remain active “until the foreseeable future,” so the game will still be around for those who wish to keep playing it. Varnell goes on to say that he’s being shifted to a new “highly anticipated but unannounced game” Gearbox has in development.

It’s a situation not unlike Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve, which launched as a paid game, stumbled out of the gate, went free-to-play, and then just a short while later, ceased active development altogether while keeping its servers online.

Battleborn went F2P just three months ago — after being rumored to do so almost since its launch — but still struggled to draw more than a couple hundred concurrent players, according to SteamCharts. In fact, it even appears to be drawing in fewer players over the past month than it did in the months before the F2P switch. Here’s hoping that Gearbox’s next “highly anticipated” game fares better.


    • U must be the Kid That like to compare every game to overwatch right?

      Listen,, Battleborn is completely different and it is MOBA and it have single player content too, so Fck off and go play that repetitive Overwatch game.

    • Always that one idiot who always calls games “overwatch clones” when Overwatch would be considered a tf2 clone. You know, the first game to use the hero based shooter formula? In fact, most of the characters in the games could be considered rip offs of tf2 characters and blizzard admitted to taking “inspiration” from valve. Besides, Battleborn is closer to a game like smite, considering it’s a moba but with a tps skin.


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