"Time To Action" Increases As Maps Are Reworked In Battlefield 2042's First Update For Season 2

Major improvements have been made to multiple maps.

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Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1

Today, September 27 at 8:00 UTC, Battlefield 2042 players will be able to enjoy a bundle of key changes and improvements. Then, in October, prepare for a special in-game event.

With the 2.1 update, players can now enjoy 3 new Vault Weapons for the All-Out Warfare arsenal bringing even more weapon variety; the P90, GOL Sniper Magnum, and the M1911. Players can also enjoy the new Polaris RZR in-world vehicle for swift traversal across the Battlefield.

Then, in mid-October, players can look forward to a special event. While no real information has been shared at this time, the patch notes did tell players they can expect new earnable cosmetics alongside infantry-only gameplay with tight playspaces and intense close-quarters combat.

Lastly, Battlefield has made changes and improvements to a number of in-game maps to improve the infantry and close-quarter combat experience. Flags and other objectives are now significantly closer to each other which will reduce traversal time and overall ‘time to action’ when moving between sectors and objectives. The maps that have undergone changes are The Solar Station 1, The Solar Station 2, Desert Terrain 1, Battery Farm, Check Point - Green side, Approach to Synseco Building 1, Approach to Synseco Building 2, Interior Synseco Capture Point 1, Interior Synseco Hallway, and Synseco Foyer.

Players who would like to read more changes that will come with Battlefield 2042’s update can read the full patch notes here.

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