Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2 Brining New Weapons And Balance Changes

The update is live starting today.

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Battlefield 3.1.2 Update

DICE, Battlefield 2042’s developer has announced on Twitter that the new patch for the game will go live today, January 17. The patch will launch simultaneously across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. The 3.1.2 update will fix problems that were discovered over the Holiday season and add new artillery to the game. A larger update is scheduled for later this month that will include the reworked Breakaway map and the return to Classes.

Battlefield 2042's blog post, which goes more into Update 3.1.2 mentions, “ part of this update you'll be able to use the Mk VI Revolver, Gewehr 43, Gewehr 43 ZF4, M1 Garand Sniper, No 4 and the Sten within Battlefield Portal Experiences. You can expect a more substantial set of changes coming later this month in Update 3.2.0 alongside the reworked Breakaway map, and the return to Classes."

Players can check out the full patch notes on EA’s site.

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