Gee, Battle Royale sure seems to be popular lately. And everyone’s definitely getting in on it. Personally, I’m waiting for Lemmings Royale. But until that happens, we still have Battlerite Royale to talk about.

Stunlock Studios announced the addition of a Battle Royale mode to its action MOBA/brawler last week — bringing the number of BR available BR modes up to… numbers I’m too lazy to bother with right now. (Not saying the numbers are that high. Just that I’m lazy…) Today, Battlerite’s Game Director, Peter Ilves, provided players with information on the new mode.

Unfortunately for everyone excited about the mode, the post doesn’t give an official launch date. Although, it does say they’re shooting for July of this year. So… Fingers crossed.

What the post does offer is information on how the mode came to be. As it turns out, it wasn’t that big of a leap because several Battle Royale elements already exist in Battlerite — such as the “Death Vortex”. So, it was easy for the devs to slowly build out from there, beginning with a 6-player match prototype.

The post also assures players that Arena is still the main game mode and that alternative game modes such as Battle Royale won’t have a negative impact it.

If you’re interested in the whole story on how Battlerite Royale came to be, I’d definitely suggest checking the new dev post out. If not, but you’d like a peek some screen shots, keep scrolling. Stunlock released these today, and they’re the first screenshots of the new mode.


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