Another battle royale game is just about ready for launch — I mean, early access, which is totally not launch (except it is).

This month’s contender is Battlerite Royale, which, as you can probably tell, is the battle royale version of Stunlock Studios’ Battlerite. As was the case with Battlerite itself, Battlerite Royale will hit early access with a price tag ($19.99) and go free-to-play at a later date.

Unlike other battle royale games, which have you diving from an airship or a flying bus, Battlerite Royale has you diving from the back of a wyvern, which is totally different. It will also feature 20 champions at launch, each with different abilities and take place on a map 30 times larger than a basic Battlerite arena.

Battlerite Royale will go into early access on Steam Sept. 26. You can learn more about the game from its FAQ.


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