Yesterday was the end of an era as Big Point shut the door on its browser-based Battlestar Galactica MMO. The company announced the closure on January 1, stating that the short notice was a result of them trying to eliminate all other options before killing the game.

To (somewhat) ease the pain for players, the BSGO team has provided players with a special code to use in DarkOrbit, another space MMO in the company’s roster. The bundle grants players creating new accounts 150 Euros worth of goodies (about 172 U.S. dollars.) The code can be found in the BSGO forums.

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  1. i loved this game for a long time. sad to see it go ive moved on to Star Citizen its having a free fly thing until june 2 if you decide to get the game here is a code to use to get more in game coins STAR-QM5N-H6T3

  2. i joined bsgo in 2013 it was the second space game i started to play before freelancer. by then i supose i had seen the last 2 updates despite that i kept playing for 6 straight years because the comunity made it happen the way this gaming comunity was i havent seen any where yet up to this day. where in the last 1.5 years it was almost obv bugpoint tried to make as much proffit as they could before shuting it down by for example running happy hour ( x2 credit) at the store 24h 7/7 and making it difficuld for certain platforms to play as they ussed to. the whole comunity kept playing while knowing where it was headed because the comunity actualy liked this game and loved the expierience even on the last day lots of players joind to say goodbye to this great game we all loved. so that was the last time ever that i wil be taking part in any thing bug point related
    uff team.

  3. Played this game for a long time and I can honestly frack this game with a basestar right up its portfolio.This game was never supported or updated and the whole story premise blew chunks,the epitomy of overrated fail and aids and cancer.I pray that a more noteworthy company picks this up and starts from scratch.

  4. Was a nice game , lot of players left before end , because there was no support and investments in game at all, we hope somebody will realise this and start all over as it should.

    TNT member


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