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About the game:
Title: Battlestar Galactica Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Bigpoint
Publisher: Bigpoint

Explosive Features:

  • Based on the series Battlestar Galactica.
  • Lots of ship customizations and weapons.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics.

Battlestar Galactica Online is a free 3D browser based Sci-Fi MMORPG based on the acclaimed Emmy and Peabody Award-winning television series Battlestar Galactica.

Set during the latter part of the showโ€™s second season, the game takes the form of a previously untold chapter in which both the Colonial and Cylon fleets are stranded in an uncharted area of space. Heavily damaged and low on critical supplies, both fleets must fight for control of the resources in the nearby star systems as the Colonials desperately search for a way to escape before the Cylons regain enough strength to destroy them once and for all.

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System Requirements

Battlestar Galactica Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.3 GHz to 2.69 GHz or equal
Memory Ram: 2 GB
Video Card: 512MB or more

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    • A client version was released for windows. The client version is just an optimized browser with the Unity Web Player built it.

  1. I actually like BSG online, but stopped playing it a while back. Now I am totally addicted to visual-utopia!! [] – its a great strategy war game.

  2. Hello everyone

    Battlestar Galactica was a very fun game until the development team decided to introduce two types of vessels completely over powerfull in the game that eventually kill the fun of the fights in this game!

    Bigpoint has in fact decided to introduce a class of stealth vessels and carriers class vessels.

    players who play in stealth advantage of the fact that this ship launches undetectable missiles has very short distance and doing considerable damage quickly, just the timeto realized you are under attack you are dead!

    Then the players that use carriers that are the origin of troop transports have made some kind of super cheater vessels that can knock you an entire fleet only with what they call the Flaks (a kind of anti missile hijacked dca for the kill). Indeed these players kill you without even target you and before you even noticing you are out of the game, it has the devs have added synetique of guns On success has to do one shot on smaller ships!

    I do not understand the interest of having killed the fun side of fighting with introducing these two types of vessels, before that the fights could take place until two hours, now the fights finish sometimes en 2 or 3 minutes maximum !!

    apart from the 3D short side and the cool deisgn, game became much more than boring !
    new players pass away from this game, you will loose your time !

  3. I am level 225 and leader of the largest wing on my server, I fear the game is dying due to boredom and lack of real content, This game is really all about strike class and if your a sucker that buys a line you will regret it! Honestly i hate to see this game go but nothing last forever!

  4. Great game with beautiful graphics (for a browser based game.) Only 2 things I have against it are:

    A.) Some people spend A TON of money and pwn everyone (is pwn sill trendy? IDK…)

    B.) It does sometimes fell grind-y

  5. Bigpoint deleted my account, when asked why, and after many conversations, they said the account had been inactive for a month so was deleted.

  6. This game is best game i have played so far, i hate this game after playing it.. i just can’t stand any other game anymore,

    Controls are easy, first thing you have to do is, go in you hold switch to bams, its not pay to win game coz you can earn every thing from hardwork not like wartune where you have to buy op wings to stay ahead of game,
    how to make money fast, do your dailes if you do them every day, it will give you 15k cubits, 450k in one month. just by doing dailes, thats more then 100$ pkg which gives 350k cubit, if you mine water few hours every day. that can give you more cubit then money can buy,

    stick with one ship, this rule apply with every game, you have to focus all you resource on building one type or ship, learn your ship and work on it, quicker you decide what ship you will stick with more you will grow,

    game is based on faction based warfare, so that means you have to watch out for other faction big players, don’t worry your faction big player are also hunting them ,

    Golden rule:_ take your time, focus on one type of ship.. don’t try to be a rambo, know your role in fleet battles, get in a wing, do your dailes that alone will give you more cubit then inactive high cash spenders have, good luck and enjoy.

  7. Well I’m not that high of a level on the game, but I’m a lvl 13 and if you know how to avoid high lvls you can have a lot if fun on this game. They fixed the problem of how hard it was to get resourses and now thanks to side missions available to do you can earn around a thousand cubits per day, without playing a ton every day. The game has controls that are a little hard but once you get used to it it’s easy, PS-cylons rule!

  8. I am level 130 and spent ยฃ3000 on this game and got ripped off the upgrades offer little. They changed the game so much it is un reconisable, they add silly ships like the stealth that destroy any other maxed gears ship with only level 1 stuff on the stealth, it is over powered, im all lvl 14 stuff and stand no chance against a stealth.

    The balance is discusting it is now 8 colonials to 1 cylon, most servers are ghost servers as all cylons leave because there out numbered on all servers.

    Support is a joke they will not help you , they do contact you and say no…

    Game is ending, join cylon side if you gonna play but it no longer worth any ยฃ.

      • “ALL with no exception ‘free’ games are P2W”?
        What do you call Warframe then? You gotta work for everything in that game. You can pay, but that just means your lazy and impatient.

        • But not in all cases are you lazy and impatient when paying with real money though. The IRL purchasing works well in this game, it doesn’t give you an unfair advantage, but it also doesn’t rip you off either. Just in case, you can test what you want to get by try farming for it for free at first. If you think it took too long or you didn’t get as much as you were hoping, you have the OPTION of buying Platinum and purchasing more of that in game item. Anyone could have gotten that item, you just got it faster. Speaking of purchasing Platinum, they now give you discounts for just logging in; good ones at that.

    • The new Developers have actually done a decent job with the new game updates . I enjoy playing much better these last few months than 3 years ago . More updates are pending too . Cylons are still outnumbered but its awesome for those that enjoy a good pvp game . Its a game for tough fighters for sure .

  9. If you aren’t running the best set up in this game you won’t get anywhere unless you pay for better equipment. With RL money.

    Like now for instance. Impossible to play as a strike pilot and be viable unless you are running RCS slide and boosters.

    The interceptor escorts on both sides are obsolete now since the Liche and Halberds (The “hybrid” class escorts) outclass them exponentially.

    As for lines, good luck using the command line and going toe to toe with another line.

  10. this game is one of the best games i have played so far and i have played a lot of games. why this game is good. can earn in game currency easily, only by doiny dailes you can up to 12k per day. best strike cost 45k,

    2. controls are easy once you know.. what to look for, change your controls to green ones Called bams, use lock on target mode with it, this will make it a lot easy to play.

    3. support is a lot more helpful in this game.

    4. don’t go buying all the ships. first know what you want and how you want to play it, it doesn’t matter, what ship you got, only thing matters is what lvl gear you got on it.

    5. get in a wing, people will help you grow faster,due to faction based battle , only player that can attack you is from other faction, there is always big player of your own faction hunting for them.

    6.if you think the big ships are the one, which are most powerful then you are wrong, you will see that many big players stick with strike pilots, a group of strike with a carrier can take out fleets of enemies.

    7.higher lvl npc can drop up to lvl7 gear so don’t waste currency upgrading them,

    8. join a wing, always play in squad, this way all the rewards are spilt equal among players and you will end up with more resource then you can use.

    so i can say no game out there is.. this good to play. and you can be a far bigger player without spending a buck.

  11. Glad I read through these ‘reviews’.
    So many good games, with the potential to attract huge player bases, have suffered the same fate as this. Admin’s get a few $, turn their attention to other projects in the vain hope of even more $.

    Neglecting their most popular beginnings and the very reason for their no doubt, short-lived success.

    Thank you JumpinJackFrak for your last post, sadly I see this game is also riddled with internal inadequacies.

    A MAN THAT EXITS A POPULAR GAME… from RANK #1, who’s given countless hours of his time to help administration and growth, with anger, discontent and clearly a valid loss of faith in both the other admin’s and game developers, left with no recourse or support to fix the corrupt direction his loved game has taken…

    I have a large league of players in another Browser MMOG that are bored there and looking for something like what this one promised.
    We won’t be joining.

  12. JumpinJackFrak the only good thing your good at is complaining like a 2 year old brat, how about you grow up and grow a pair. As I stated before, this game is free and its very easy to play, and if you know what your doing then you wont have any problems. And you can earn plenty of cubit from mining water or destroying npc’s. I am level 115 now, and I can say that for a free game there are plenty of things to do. JumpinJackFrak you say there are hackers in this game, so what, lol there are hackers in every mmo game.

    If your so FURIOUS about these so called hackers, you should have visited bigpoints HQ and presented your proof to them. Because its no point in complaining about it when you have not shown any proof to Bigpoint, im talking about visiting the makers of this game and speaking to them face to face about this so called hacking. So therefor you should just shut your trap m8 and not say anything because to me your proof is a little lame, you need to get your facts straight.

    This game is awsome for a free to play game. obviously there are always bigger fish that eat the smaller fish, lol that shouldnt stop you from playing the game tho, I mean every mmo game has bigger fish that eat smaller fish, eg .. high level players kill low level players. your proof only shows that you are a noob player, im sorry but you obviously are having problems playing this game, lol maybe you need to play an easier mmo game

    I will say to every1 that DO NOT TAKE NOTICE OF JumpinJackFrak’s remarks about this game, I will say to every1 that they should play this game, because you will not find a better space shooter them Battlestar Galactica online.

  13. JJ is bang on correct – taken from the post of an ex-mod who got the bullet:

    is this a fair game!? dont think so…
    This is my LAST message;
    I’ll first give my respects to friends, then spell out the truth to your face.
    I have no reason to lie to any of you; And i’ll speak the truth.
    So, be CIVIL and let me explain myself and the UGLY TRUTH.
    * I am BANE. The one you hate the most, OR the friend who would never let you down.
    * I have been playing since BETA; And -you are free to deny yet statistics never lie- i had been on the top of food chain since then. When i am into something, i don’t stop until i reach #1.
    * And i had actually reached the unmatched status and statistics on my active playtime.
    * Thus it was actually a good timing of my leave, i left at the peak. #1 on PVP Kills, #1 on Strike Arena, #1 on Liner Arena, #1 on LEGIT PVP K/D Ratio. There aren’t any stats better.
    * Then i left.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * There are tons of good players that i know and helped of training. We had GREAT time.
    * Apart from my legendary Red Sharks team (God bless you all for your hospitality, civility and loyality) and my Spanish friends (Leading Velesar and Kouga), i must give one name : CaptnChaos A.K.A. Gernot. He and i started at almost the same time and been friendly rivals since then. I must thank him the most for his undying support.
    * But there’s one person who had been the greatest mentor, friend and competant to me in my entire gamer history : Dooh. — Like him or not, hate him or respect him, with Dooh on your side, you’d NEVER lose. A great friend, a wingman, a chieftain-in-equal-basis and a great BSGO player. I know i’d do good, but i’d never reach where i was if it wasn’t for you, Ilya. Thanks for everything and remember that you can always reach me through Facebook and Skype whenever you need me for anything, and i’ll see you soon at GoW (Along with my GF XD).
    * My RedSharks (And TopGuns) team : Thank you all for staying on our side at all times. We never lost, we always brutally won, and actually been the ones who brough BALANCE into LIBRAN. Cylons were cying in Muspell and protesting before our formation, for frak’s sake!
    * Colonials : I know i pissed you guys off for a long time, sue me. For the ones who had fought like a man, thank you. Rest, go play super mario.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * Bane currently plays LoL and WoW with his gamer GF and prepares to go GoW and troll Dooh’s face.
    * I’m always available in Facebook if you need ideas or whatever.
    —————————— *** ———————————
    * Banned by Imperial-ISM himself! (I’ll explain later in this post)
    * I’d fight for it, or use one of my many “uhuhu” accounts and regain almost every of my former statistics – yet i won’t. This game is bound to DIE, and i’m bored of the lack of competition.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * You might know, BigPoint has a weird “to do” list for hackers, cheaters and exploiters.
    * You know what they do? => NOTHING.
    * NOTHING. I’m serious. Use ANY hack and ANYTHING => Unless someone important points at you and gives more-than-enough evidence, ONLY THEN, you MIGHT get banned => Which is mostly ignored too!!!
    * No rain-checks, no log-checks, no stat-checks, NOTHING. I can count AT LEAST 50 ships in Libran with hacked equipment and stats, give names, evidences, but BP would do NOTHING. You know why? I’m not important to them. Perhaps, not anymore.
    * Or maybe perhaps that they CANNOT find these people? Oh hell yeah, they cannot. They would’ve, if they could.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * From June 2011 to May 2012, i’ve worked as a Board Admin for Turkish Board.
    * I’ve worked my ass out, did ALL the reports, translations, announcements, notifications. Never gave up, never got tired. In forum i gave more Guides to tons of dimwits along with all the cleaning work, more than you’d imagine. I was the person who kept the TR board and forum going.
    * All the talks -to upper boards- and all the translations were MY job. You know why? Because Turkish Team Leader knows only a little of English! A TEAM LEADER, for frak’s sake. But whatever. Who cares, right? Not even BigPoint does.
    * But that was not the only thing i did : I worked as a double-agent, in favor of Big Point.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * Yes. BSGO had and still has TONS of loopholes; Which people STILL exploit and make tons of $$$ from it.
    * Without someone -who works as a double-agent- to inform BigPoint, how could the former loopholes could be sealed?
    * Who helped BigPoint to find tons of exploits for to prevent more and more people from cheating?
    * That person, was me.
    * Yet i’ve been betrayed. By my own Team Leader and Imperial_ISM, -who cannot even comprehend who’s the good guy and who’s the bad-.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * You know there’s one significant player who changes his name on a daily basis in Libran, while many of you had been rejected for asking.
    * Capt_Serkan, Poacher, Turrkish, SharonValerii… All, the same guy. You noticed it, havent you?
    * Protected by his ICM (Upper board Manager), he was (still is) able to do ANYTHING to his ship since Beta. Loading 20000 Tuning Kits onboard? No problem. Change name anytime? No problem. Chatban anyone you want? No problem. DELETE ACCOUNTS OF YOUR ENEMIES? No problem. Any of you guys ever wonder what happened to Turk’s account? DELETED. Because he fought with him.
    * And he also protects his Anatolian_Wing team, which is COMPLETELY consisted of Turkish Forum/Chat Moderators group!!! Go and say “noob” to ANY Anatolian_Wing player => You get 30 day chatban.
    * And when he finds out about any cheats? What do you think he’d do? Turn it in without using?
    * Definitely NOT.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * BIG time. Apart from all the Tuning Kits he received from the ICM, he used EVERY. SINGLE. CHEAT. that i had reported before it was prevented.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * Our deal was simple : I turned in the cheats, warned BigPoint. He used them on his ship too. Thus BigPoint was letting us go. Becuase we were actually helping them MUCH more than the damage we caused! (Try to cover up this if you want, Imperial_ISM; I still have the Skype chat logs.)
    * But there was one problem out of the deal => Anatolians.
    * I told him PRECISELY that NOT to help Anatolians because they’d damage the Libran Balance, as Colonials were already outnumbering the Cylons.
    * He said he wouln’t, but he did. He gave FULL-15 BUILDS + TONS OF MERITS to EACH of them. Aren’t you guys aware of the recently-overpowered ships of EIEN, Akdeniz, Wolf_61 and 61_oflu_61 and others? You think that “magically” happened?
    * I told him : “Either you’ll logon to these ships and delete their equipment or i won’t be taking responsibility when upper board, especially Richard (Imperial_ISM) finds out”
    * For several reasons; He chosed them instead of me; Made me the “one to blame for everything” to save himself and his team; And for to get rid of me (And drop me to an “unimportant person” level for BigPoint) he accused me of the thing that BigPoint hates most : Selling Accounts. Thus i’d both be banned and anything i’d say would be unimportant for BP.
    * I had been given a false accusation and Richard (Imperial_ISM) banned me and ignored my messages, while MY TEAM LEADER WAS STILL USING/DISTRIBUTING THE HACK BEHIND HIS BACK.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * ENTIRE TURKISH BOARD TEAM (Team Leader + Anatolians) are using heavily-cheated ships, used from the hacks THAT I’VE TURNED IN for BigPoint’s favor. (You KNOW that this is TRUE, Richard. I’ve warned you that this would happen.)
    * BigPoint had lost its prime hack-finder and one of the best players because of a false and non-proven accusation.
    * There are still 2 more actively-used hacks going on ingame and BP has NO IDEA of it. Guess why.
    * There are HUNDREDS of HACKED ships on ALMOST ALL servers. And it’s increasing rapidly.
    * Turkish Team Leader is using the most heavily-hacked game of the entire BSGO player database, and he’s protected by an ICM.
    * You guys are playing and wasting your money on a both DYING and a heavily-unfair game.
    * BigPoint had refused and still refusing to listen to my warnings => YOUR LOSS. Everyone’s loss.
    ——————————- *** ———————————
    * I did my best for everyone that had trusted in me. Never turned you down, never lied to you.
    * I’ve said the truth, yet nobody listened to me. I don’t give a damn. Not my loss. I left at the #1 place anyway.
    * Good luck to BigPoint for finding out these hacks while noone’s reporting them. They’ll need it.
    * I’d hope that you’d have a more developed thought before accusing your only source for reaching hacks, Richard.
    * Everyone else, Have a Good Game (If you can) and have a good life from this point.
    After all, i have no regrets. I have did my best for EVERYONE (Including BP) yet sometimes there are d**ckheads who understand NOTHING from the term “appreciation” and wait for any chance to backstab you for their own gain.


    Bane out.

  14. Dawg fk off… Anyone considering getting involved in a BigPoint game should reconsider. I’m level 71, and have dropped a few hundred bucks on this game, which is the only reason I still play. This game is totally pay to win… BP will sacrifice gameplay for profit every time.

    If you do spend money, there is no guarantee you will get what you pay for. Their customer support is a joke. I know players who have been outright ripped off by this company. People who have paid real world cash, and not received a thing, then ignored by customer support.

    Players who have had items that were bought or grinded for (and the grind in this game is horrendous), go missing from their lockers, and told that they need to prove they had the gear to begin with.

    Corrupt mods, giving cheats to their mates. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. RIP OFF MERCHANTS.

    • Never gave Bigpoint 1 red cent. Been in the game since open beta. Other than that your review is spot on. The game gets worse for long time players with every new dev team & every update. The game suffers from stability issues, bug issues, admin exploit issues, major imbalance issues. The game is more frustration than entertainment.

  15. I play most days on the Libran Server, Colonial side. If any of you guys want to learn what this game is about, I will show you the basics. Alot of people here are giving this game a bad review only because they do not know how to play it, or they do not want to play it. if you come and meet me on the Libran Server, Colonial side, I will proove alot of these people wrong. Hope to see you there soon.

    ”Im off to destroy some Toasters” ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. I play most days on the Libran Server, Colonial side. If any of you guys want to learn what this game is about, I will show you the basics. Alot of people on this on this MMOBOMB

  17. Also id like to say that the controls in this game are far better then any other space shooter out there.
    Very simple to use, there are like 5 different camera views. If you go in to options and
    press letter ‘O’ the options will appear, go to keybindings and set your desired controls.
    You guys go on as if its actual rocket science.

  18. You guys need to stop complianing. This game is ”FREE TO PLAY” for crying out loud.

    (Who said anything about you have to Pay Real Money for in game curreny).

    I have not spent any money for in game currency for these 3 years. The only thing I used for getting in game currency was my brain.

    I have been playing on the LIBRAN Server for 3 years now, I play on the Colonial side, I am currenrly level 111, you will find me there as Dreds and my Wing (Guild) is ‘7 8 6’
    I have recently made this new Wing and i am recruiting new players.

    The ship that i started off with was a Standard Viper MK 2, now i own the following ships.

    Advanced Raptor, (Forgot Price, Tylium to purchase plus Cubits to make Advanced)

    Raptor FR, (Forgot Price, Cubits to purchase, already is Advanced once purchased)

    Advanced Viper MK 7, (45000 Cubits to purchase plus 30000 Merits to make Advanced)

    Standard Maul, (Forgot Price, Tylium to purchase plus Cubits to make Advanced)

    Standard Scyth, (Forgot Price, Tylium to purchase plus Cubits to make Advanced)

    Standard Glaive, (Forgot Price, Cubits to purchase plus Cubits to make Advanced)

    Advanced Halberd, (85000 Cubits to purchase plus 45000 Merits to make Advanced)

    Advanced Aesir, (130000 Cubits to purchase plus 100000 Cubits to make Advanced)

    Standard Vanir, (Forgot Price, Tylium to purchase plus Cubits to make Advanced)

    Standard Jotunn, (Forgot Price, Tylium to purchase plus Cubits to make Advanced)

    Standard Gungir, (250000 Cubits to purchase plus 60000 Merits to make Advanced, I am currently saving up 60000 Merits which will go towards making my Gungir Advanced.

    Basicly I own most of the ships in the game, Only because I used my Asteroid Scanner.
    The Aasteroid Scanner is the thing that will help you make your income in the game.
    Without the Asteroid scanner you wont get far at all.
    My Asteroid Scanner was the very first thing I upgraded it to level 10 because its the cheapest thing to upgrade. Also there are 2 skill levels that i leveled up on i forgot the names, but one skill level is for upgrading compuer systems, and the other skill level is for
    energy (batter power). Without these 2 skill levels your asteoid scanner will not perform at all
    Once I leveled up on those 2 skill levels, I did the rest of the skill levels without any problems.

    You guys talk as if you expect everything on a plate. If thats the case then where is the fun in playing the game.

    So if you guys say this game is a scam or that its difficult or that it dont meet your needs, then all i got to say is you guys are asking for too much. Its all in the mind.

    Come an see me on the Libran Server Colonial side. I will guide you and show you how easy and addictive this game is. Trust Me.

  19. Plenty of bugs in this game.
    Some features flat out do not work.
    Game play gets boring after a while and there is no balance of power between Cylons and Humans.

    I spent money on this game to get the starter package.
    A few weeks later they did an update and my accoutn was deleted.
    They never resolved my issu or reestablished my account so I am never playing this game again.

  20. I love this game and I think it’s most successful internet game both graphically and by gameplay. I only positives ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. LOL Farmer, wtf:) You may have took me out, with the football size blind spot. Well, idk, maybe you did in my strike, if bp did not take all but level 1 damage from the missiles, I would be doing liner missile damage by now… I am finding it hard to even log on, and one look at the screen, I say in my mind “wt am I doing on here”, it really pissed me off, all that work, and for what, no game content, no ground combat, really, dang, good lord, I’ll just log in for a second, just to keep the account attive, and see if anything is better, so see ya later farmer…

    PS: I can’t be a col, there has to date never been a cylon to col switch…

  22. Well, let me tell ya, I am a cylon, level 143, all the ships but 2 in the escort class, high level gear, and on the game, right at everyday, I have 2+ years on it, I have spent over $1900 us dollars, and I’ll be the first to tell you all this, if your not on the game, stay away from it!!!

    Big Point is going to rework all the gear around, just to make players spend more money to upgrade new stuff, making all the gear you have junk. They are only after money, and have a game that is crap. Mining not needed, busting rocks is the only way you may get the stuff, but has of today, and since the last update in JAN, 2013 the resources is very hard to come by. Bp has done this to try and force players to spend money, YET, I MIND YOU, have no game play that means anything, but the same old crap, that after just alittle while you’ll get tired of it…

    The dev of the game, now they are new, or so they have said, have spoke somethings in the idea of change, but you understand this, the game has LAG, DELAY, screen freezing, and flat out, not fun, when you have to just visa your gear…

    So with that said, don’t waist your time…

    • T.I.M.E.X you probably see me a fair amount because I am always killing you and I am only level 44. ๐Ÿ™‚ jk u kill me a lot. Bp does have to ease off the credit cards. Granted they have to get money to keep the game up and running. They should just simply increase the cost of gear and the amount of recources you can get. You should switch to colonials during the faction switch. We haven’t gotten any we just loos people:(. I just kinda wanted to say hi:)

  23. If you like to cheat BSGO is definitely for you. No matter how much money you pay Bigpoint,
    or how much skill you have, you just can’t compete against level 200 guns – which is what some
    people have since the damage increases by level at rate that is approximately logarithmic. The max level is 15, and it’s not just the guns – unhittable ships, ships that are faster than the game rules say they should go, etc. Also that technique with the keyboard and mouse for steering, I tried it and it doesn’t work it’s either the keyboard or the mouse not both. Maybe if you cheat it works.
    If you want to cheat you can get away with it easily, the only thing Bigpoint has done is to review one of their tournaments for cheaters. Other than that, players do it all the time and as a matter of fact I’m writing this after this guy with too much speed and too much guns just killed me, one of many for the day…I guess I need to alter my profile since my guns, ammo, computers, etc. are allready maxed out.I still have KEW rounds so I should know. If you don’t know what those are and still don’t have any and you disagree you must be on a different server or be fighting the other 10%.
    At the beginning of the game you’re given a choice between two ships you’ll get a chance to try
    out the one you didn’t pick. If you picked the support ship you’ll wish you had the other one. The support ships are almost useless. The only flavor they add to the game is that you’ll get killed constantly in them. When you do the raptor or rhino missions you’ll wish you had the unadvanced mkII. If you see one level 20 or over something’s wrong and you better cheat as much as as the other guy is.

    • JJ I’m not sure your playing the same game as me. I can definitley recommend you stop playing before you bust a blood vessel. I have not maxed out all my equipment yet and I have been as high as 100 in the arena ratings, In general play I win as many dogfights as I lose. The support ships, SUPPORT other ships with extended dradis and jump range, have high emmiter ratings and firewalls and provide enhanced electronic support. A squadron of 10 strikes with a raptor leading is a stronger squad than without one at all. The rhino is not really a support ship and I have to agree its not much good at anything, but again in squadron its extended dradis and jump range can be handy. Just dont take them out without backup as they are rubbish in a 1V1 dogfight. I cannot say there are not cheaters but I have not seen any of these superfast ships with lvl 200 guns. I take crit hits from other players cannons at around 30 damage if anyone did have lvl 200 cannons they would be able to destroy me with 1 hit. That has never happened to me in 2 years of playing. There are some game mechanics players exploit but everyone knows about those and most of the population consider them acceptable tactics. (Sliding to extend boost duration, blind spots on weapons platforms, bug jumps to put you clear of the spawn point etc.) If there are players using hacking programs you can always report them, Bigpoint have really robust chat rules (i have been on numerous chat bans for pretty lame stuff) so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be just as robust with cheaters.

      • You are right about the blood vessels and I have really cut back on BSGO game play from 16 hours a day of grinding pointlessly to an hour or two doing assignments. I would say you are lucky with the critical hits – 30 isn’t so bad. Some strike players hit me for 80, 70, 60, 50 regularly, as a matter of fact I would get damage reports of all 50,60,40,40,50 etc. from a couple of players. I started using high level armor and a critical hit plate and it went down – a little. But the thing is I have never gotten the kinds of hits these guys got on me and I used to have level 15 P type guns, with a level 15 computer buff and good ammo. The amount of damage increase per level goes down with each level above 10 so level 200 is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but it seems like level 200 sometimes.
        Anyway, I noticed some other commenters mentioned cheating and PTW (pay to win), the updates, and leaving the game and maybe they should check out the recent dev entries in the BSGO forums and they’ll realize that many of the top “players” are actually game developers since the devs have mentioned in the forums that they actually are those “players.” I don’t care if the person is a game dev or not, cheating is cheating and playing against these so called “players” isn’t really fun. They don’t even really try hard, and I don’t know if they even can, and they don’t have to because a lot of people just get murdered by them so quickly. Try reporting a game developer to support. I am positive one of the support guys was…I won’t mention his in game or real life name but suffice it to say he won a tournament and was #1 on the top gun list. See I did contact support, I know the name he put on his unhelpful email, or rather he contacted me for 50,60, 70, 80 damage. The BSGO “test pilot”, check out his video on the bsgo facebook page, named nuke strike is #1 in top gun on a couple servers. OK, make you’re own judgement about what’s happening, or what you want, or think is possible, I only wrote this for the sake of people who enjoy playing a game as opposed to just respawning all the time, so that they are warned about a POSSIBLE problem. I guess BigPoint could always change, or maybe it’s too late, but right now this is the situation as far as I can write otherwise I would be dishonest.

      • You are right about the blood vessels and I have really cut back on BSGO game play from 16 hours of grinding pointlessly, to an hour or two doing assignments. I would say you are lucky with the critical hits – 30 isn’t so bad. Some strike players hit me for 80, 70, 60, 50 regularly as a matter of fact I would get damage reports of all 50,60,40,40,50 etc. from a couple of players. I started using high level armor and a critical hit plate and it went down – a little. But the thing is I have never gotten the kinds of hits these guys got on me and I used to have level 15 P type guns, with a level 15 computer buff and good ammo. The amount of damage increase per level goes down with each level above 10 so level 200 is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but it seems like level 200 sometimes.
        Anyway, I noticed someone else mentioned cheating and PTW (pay to win), the updates, and leaving the game and maybe they should check out the recent dev entries in the BSGO forums and they’ll realize that many of the top “players” are actually game developers since the devs have mentioned in the forums that they actually are those “players.” I don’t care if the person is a game dev or not, cheating is cheating and playing against these so called “players” isn’t really fun. They don’t even really try hard, and I don’t know if they even can, and they don’t have to because a lot of people just get murdered by them so quickly. Try reporting a game developer to support. I am positive one of the support guys was…I won’t mention his in game or real life name, but suffice it to say he won a tournament and was #1 on the top gun list. See I did contact support, I know the name he put on his unhelpful email, or rather he contacted me for 50,60, 70, 80 damage. The BSGO “test pilot”, check out his video on the bsgo facebook page, named nuke strike is #1 in top gun on a couple servers. OK, make you’re own judgement about what’s happening, or what could happen , or whatever, I only wrote this for the sake of people who enjoy playing a game as opposed to just respawning all the time, so that they are warned about a POSSIBLE problem. I guess BigPoint could always change, or maybe it’s too late, but right now this is the situation as far as I can write otherwise I would be dishonest.

  24. Ship control for Dummies.

    1) ensure you do not have the advanced ship control checked in the main options menu.
    2) From the icons in top right hand of the screen when out in space select the follow target icon. (a circle with a cross through it)
    3) If you are not familiar with flight SIMs consider reversing the pitch up and pitch down buttons. That way when pushing the up button you travel towards the top of the screen and when pushing the down button you travel down towards the bottom of the screen. This made more sense to my brain when I started and still configure my controlls that way.
    4) Scroll the view of your ship right out so that the ship takes up as little of the screen as possible.
    5) assign thrust up and thrust down to you mouse wheel.
    6) if you have a side button on your mouse assign it to your engine boost.
    7) Assign select next target to the push down facility of your mouse button.

    Ok we are now set to do some basic flying. By configuring our ship this way we dont have to take our fingers off the direction controls or look down at the keyboard to select additionl keys. Also we dont need to select icons while flying with the mose pointer. So our mouse pointer and left hand are totally free for manouvering.

    So if you new to the game you will be in a strike ship as soon as you jump into a system put you boost on. Boost everywhere its not that expensive on Tylium. when you are not in combat just hold down your right mouse button an and drag it in the direction you want to go letting go or returning it back to center on your ship once you are heading in your chosen direction. when holding down the right mouse your ship will turn more sharply the further your mouse pointer is from your ship. so for a tight right turn move the pointer all the way to right edge of the screen. for a gentle turn just move the pointer slightly to the right of your ship. to go in a straight line center the pointer or release the mouse button. Or you can also just click the right mouse in one spot the ship will turn to that point. This is good for static targets you have spotted just right click it and you will turn towards it. Left click it and your camera view will move to it. Always have a target in front of you selected when traveling it stops you getting dis-orientated or turned around without realising.

    There are two auto corrections that will occur that you cannot control with this set up.

    1) every few seconds your camera view will re-align itself with your current target (even if that target is behind you.) You have three choices A) if you target is in the direction you want to go right click on it an your ship will turn towards it. B) select a new target for your camera to allign its self to in the direction you want to go. C) Assign a key to clear target. If you do this the camera will revert to a forward view when ever you push it.

    2) the other auto correction that will occur is to put you back up the right way if you are upside down and are not currently pushing the up or down buttons. This is a great help to new pilots think of it like your swimming around in a fish tank instead of space and if you swim upside down for to long you get water up your nose so you automatically flip over without thinking about it. As i said before if you have a stationary target selected its not at all disorientating and easy to get back on track.

    Ok so we are now moving along left right up down at full speed. So lets sharpen up those turns next. When you use the buttons to turn its like a switch, you go from straight into maximum turn as soon as you push the button. the buttons will over-ride the holding down of right mouse. So even though your pointer is not in controll while the keyboard button is down keep it in the position you want to go then when you let go of the keyboard button you ship will steer toward you pointer. Practise using the key board and right mouse together whenever you can because this skill is going to be critical in combat with other players. But combat is a whole other kettle of fish, Maybe I do a beginers guide for that another day. But hopefully theres enough here to get people started without packing the game in within the first few hours because they cannot control their ship.

    Aquinas Canceron server
    EDM Strike Wing

  25. The dogfighting isn’t bad, but the mindless resource collecting is pretty dull. I thought I was having was serious control issues, but then I turned down the fx quality and it wasn’t so jerky. Beautiful graphics for a browser-based game.

  26. I find the game really fun to play especially if you are in a good and active wing. Dont listen to the people who said you need to spend loads of money cos its not true. I am only a level 26 Cylon that pilots a war raider (which I bought at lvl 14) a
    nd I am able to kill pilots 3x more than my level on a 1v1 and I havent spent a single penny. I have managed to get more pvp kills than npc which is very rare in the game and about to upgrade my ship to the advanced version, which is the best in my ship category for the cylons in about 3 days since you can only get it by doing pvp. And the best part, I only play for 2 hrs a day! IGN: Vendator, Sagittaron server

  27. Overall for a free online game I cannot particularly complain. However, a few personal issues (in addition to those expressed by other individuals above), I would like more action out of the ships, 1st person shooter elements would be a welcome addition and would introduce a whole other dimention to the game. Although the fact the experts can attack “noobs” has been expressed as an issue by many, I find the very fact that the smaller ships are so much faster and more manuverable than the larger ships gives the noobs that welcome advantage. Being a levels 9 Cylon noob myself I have managed to destroy many larger ships single handedly or with the help of another Cylon noob. However, I do find the resource collection an irratating addition esspecially when concerned with Water and Titanium especially based on the fact that they are such required resources for continued play. Furthermore, in relation to resources, on two separate occasions I have had all of my Tylium vanish suddenly without actualy using any of it. To conclude, for a free online game overall I cannot complain, however with a few of the issues raised above resolved, the gaming experience would be significanly more enjoyable.

    • That’s not true. Larger ships have stronger sensors, stronger weapons, and greater range. Meaning that they can see noobs sooner, hit harder and hit further. And on top of that, it takes a lot longer to jump to safety if even the weakest ai enemy is on dradis. All of these things cancel out this “welcome advantage”.

    • I love this game. The controls are actually NOT that hard to memorize, and the fun never stops because the game keeps getting better and better the more players join.

  28. Highly unbalanced game dominated by players at the top with little to no instruction on how to play. Very frustrating to learn and multi-players abound. Would strongly NOT recommend…

  29. lvl 6 and i got 1 million tylium 21k cubits i spend 2 hours in a farming party i didnt pay 1 cent its not near being pay2win

  30. How long does it take to get to level 10?
    The game is boring when you’ve got a small ship like the Viper MK 2 or the raider so i want to know how long it takes to get to level ten i am already level 4 and when i get to level 10 i want to buy the banshee.

    • Keep doing your daily tasks which you get from captain adama, ignore everything else and level 10 can come up in about 2 weeks or less depending on how much time you put in! Good luck and see you on the battlefield……

      • I’ve been playing the game for five days now about 2hours a day maximum, and I’m already level 11 and own a Wraith. I would recommend getting in a squad that’s in a balanced system and just killing groups of enemies together cause you can get xp much faster in a squad. although it would be faster if the xp wasn’t divided up between the squad.

    • dude u have to do assignments that apollo give u back at galactica and patrol sectors and kill cylon players so yeh thats it the game is really good its worth the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I personally think on the whole this game is great but gets boring after a while as (unless you pay) you are unlikely to have a big enough ship to contribute in big team battles and AI farming gets very boring.

  32. Its better than anyother mmo game it gives u free cubits by just killing your enimy ships pvp or pve FREE other mmo games u have to buy virtual currency. mining is not so hard with planetoids just have to protect mining ship and have 100 cubits but i think they should lets us have our own personal mining ships where we can equip wepons to defend itself . Player and lover of battle stare galacti player 3185

  33. For a browser game, BSG Online is pretty awesome. Yes the controls are a bit chuggy and it is unbalanced a bit but that is something people will just have to develop patience for and not giving up at the first touch of frustration. I wish they developed the character roaming a bit more, internal ship battles/invasions, planet exploration a bit, maybe they have I haven’t got that far yet xD Other than that I cannot fault the game! BSG is awesome! 8/10 \m/

  34. This game is free! of course you have to give it a go. My advice if your not going to invest many hours or loads of cash. 1) Stay with a fighter they take a lot less resources to run and maintain 2) save your Cubits (money) then upgrade it to an advanced model as soon as you have enough. 3) don’t spend cubits upgrading individual components untill your ships upgraded. by waiting before upgrading individual components by the time your ready to start upgrading you will have a better idea what sort of componets suit you playstyle. 4) If you see your side are preparing to go to war (they call it a bash) go to the rally point and put an X in the chat box. A lot of groups will pick you up no matter what level you are. A bash will be the best MMORPG fun you’ve had for free whatever level you are.

  35. Im am a level 19 col …. bigpoint has curupt the hole battlestar galactica seires but at this moment this will be the only battlestar galactica based game you will probly find. but in my case i love battlestar galactica so much i really have no choice. but back on the topic bsg online this game is extrimy hard to get the hang of so you will get it unless you have alot of free time or you wanto spend hundreds of dollers and you just donto wanto do any thing .im just workin hard i havnt put a sent in this game it took me six weeks to get to where i am and then thetres poeple level 104 they diserve respect even if they kill you maby ome day you will kill them but intill then you need to give them respect . there are many ways you can survive in this game 1) grab some low levels or some and go minning or ai hunnting 2) grab your walet and start spending 3) go lone wolf and stay in low pvp count system 4) jion a wing and stay with your wing mates 5) stay where poeple dont usly come like omercron p .but it you dont under stand why its so hard fist your trying to save the rest of the human race second your in castant battle etheir withy strong ai or high level pvp . also the reason that it takes so long to get high level is you hafto repair your ship to keep it at full hull and to keep your hull up

  36. im tyree crowder lvl19 col this game only got me drivin in by the lines im just sick knowing that it took me sick weeks to get to where i am but on the othe other hand it has no end so it keeps me going your constantly trying to get minerals to keep your ship your ship up and runnin this game isnt perfact do to the fack that bigpiont is to lazy to poot any really good ideas in the game for example a few poelpe from a amercan server came up with a really cool idea about lines being able to buy and control ai but bigpiont rejected the idea but if you really want a better battlestar galactica game go create your own cause this is as good as its gonna get at this point

  37. This game has both very good and bad. Its strength comes with flying in a squad or fleet where tactics and strategy start to count. The 3d control of the fighters is really unsatisfactory when flying up or down. Left and right the move your ship relative to the map so you just roll uselessly. Controls should be relative to the ship. Up down works ok at all directions and attitudes, left,right should be the same. Thats just poor programming. The larger ships can only tilt up and down a bit. Its space not atmospheric flight.

    The design of three classes of ships where each class has one it can beat and one it can be beaten by is very good. On the whole the design of the upgrades and relative strengths of the ships is well thought out and has a good balance. I fly a War Raider and wish it would start to turn when I press left or right instead of wasting time rolling. This looks cool but the delay is enough to mean that it will never equal the turn of the Viper. I opened a Colonial account and timed the basic Viper with full armour and no upgrades and skills and was suprised that it tool about 1 and a hafl seconds less to turn a full circle. Turn is everything in a game with no aiming. Whoever who can point generally in the right direction the fastest will usually win the fight. Its a shame the two fighters are not more equally matched.

    Each day one side or the other rampage through all the systems destroying all the bases. Most of the time noone can be bothered to defend them, you get more points for attacking an enemy base and they get reset in 1 hour so why bother todefend them. This lack of long term strategic elementof the game leaves it very shallow. When a fleet does decide to contest a base the game is at its best. Its a shame that the design could not have some overall strategical development that meant it really mattered whether you lose ground so the empasis is on the overall development of the war. The strategy isnt helped by the fact fleets can just jump around willy nilly so there is no feel of a front line. Also daily assigments are just random and have no meaning other than an artificial task to give you something to do. Theres a war on and you have to go and scan the same old asteroids that loads of others have already done. You randomly find stuff if someone hasnt just mined all the usefull asteroids. They reset randomly like most other features. So like the battles the tasks seem ultimately pointless.

    The scale is dissapointing, each system feels about a square mile wide and the ships seem about as fast as a World War 1 biplane rather than a jet fighter. The big ships feel so slow its realling boring getting around in them but they have really good hitting power. I think the difference in the speeds is too much, especially between escorts and fighters.

    Flying the day to day assignments are boring and repetative but give you the necessary fuel and credits to upgrade, but painfully slowly. It takes me at level 42 about 3 hours to complete a days assignments unless I wait till everyone has gone to bed.

    I have days I love this game and days I hate it. I keep thinking when I am a few levels higher I can stop beeing slaughtered like a lamb by higher level players but they just get higher as well. Its annoying that ships can materialise right near you and you know you have no hope. Ive had an enemy in my sights for ten seconds and I look on the log and not one of my bullets has hit with level 9 guns and top grade skills. That is really unsatisfying. Unfortunately ship turn rates ,fire rates, accuracy, damage have nothing to do with skill being controlled by the upgrades you have.
    So the only control you have is the choice of upgrades and keeping the enemy within your gun arc of fire. It seems that fighter bullets home on you so you cant dodge like a true shoot em up or simulator.

    That said when you do manage to stalk an enemy and shoot them down it really feels good.
    I suppose its that andrealine rush that keeps me coming back for more. Yes Im addicted to this game. I love it and I hate it.

    The radar sucks, you can see further than radar; thats just daft and means a noob cannot avoid trouble and lessens the tactical aspect of the game.

    The graphics and sound are really good for an online game. When you get to know a squad and find you can give payback the game becomes very addictive. People play fpor hours and hours every day. Be warned , dont start if you havent got time. It takes thousands of hours or lots of moneyfor enough credits to equip your ship and by then you are committed.

    Sound 9/10
    Graphics 9/10
    Gameplay 7/10

  38. As my name says im a cylon lvl 53 for the moment my best ship is war advanced war rider, i used to be human… i do not understand why any one says that cylon ships r better? depens as human i used most the mk7 simple and the advanced scythe (wich is lethal) the banshee (cylon equivalent) is crap… in the other hand the halberd is not as good as the liche and the war rider turns les than the mk7… my style is quiet agressive y atk all humans from lvl 1 to lvl 200 I only avoid high lvl halbergs and advanced scythe if lvl superior to me. I never played a single euro to play or upgrade my guns or ships or what ever and im tired to kill paying humans in this game in my human acount I killed a guy lvl28 and i was lvl 3 in a duel so pls stop trash talking about paying gosts… u dont learn to kill with money in this game the pilot and the settings of the ship are more important than the paying: if u have all from +6 +8 (wich is quiet simple) u can kill any one any time the know how is basic…
    the controls r great the only fail is the Y axis does show some limit to the flight but i supose it is a browser game limit…
    wonderful game stop talking s h i t if u r lvl 1 u do not know any thing dudes work hard learn how and shut it up
    pitty i have to go

  39. For all the noobs who are complaining about the controls and high lv wallet warriors….

    The controls are basic, use w a s d to move around, move the little speed slider to move forward, space bar to thrust, everything els basically used the mouse, I don’t see how this is confusing…..

    You complain about the lv 1 noobies not having a protection of some sort vs the high lv 100 wallet warriors…

    The game shouldn’t have a noobie protection

    This game is basically war between humans and machine, in real life would their actually be a noobie protection from a * lv 100 chuck Norris *

    I doubt it..

    • yeah but the wallet warriors should know that peope actually want a free to play mmorpg in wich they can actualy play whitouthaving too worry about being kiled by a cylon around every corner. i wanted to play this but after reading the comments it seems like a money pit,though the controls dont seem confusing to me and i just read them

    • But that’s just it. This is not real life. I don’t care what the opposition are, I still expect a sense of honor from them. Saying that they are machines does not mean shit to me.

    • And while we’re talking about real life, BULLETS AND MISSILES DON’T PHASE THROUGH ASTEROIDS LIKE A GHOST AND FTL JUMPS DON’T TAKE LONGER JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN ENEMY ON DRADIS! I saw a Spectre shoot THROUGH its wing. Something that could have crippled it it or at least damage it.

  40. im only a lvl 7 but i have no problem taking out a lvl 40-100 i travel with a group of other strikes and we swarm the high levels. it is very fun. When i first started i had some trouble but i had help from the higher levels and now am in a wing and the trick is to NEVER travel alone. Its all about power in numbers. LTROBERT on the aquaria server add me no matter the level.

  41. Ok some explain these controls to me, i read them, re-read them and tried them out and all i can do is turn i cant even move forward explain how the hell i play this game because either my keyboard isn’t working or the controls are wrong cuz i cant move i pressed space dint move i have tried increasing speed and still didnt move. I did both at the same time, still no movement someone explain what im doing wrong here

    • There must be something wrong with your system somewhere, ….., as the basic controls for the game (ie. Flying straight forward) are quite simple – either use the scroll wheel on your mouse or click on the on screen speedometer to increase your speed. Holding down the space bar will only work if you have enough Tylium to power your boosters.

  42. Too many people on here complaining about stupid things.

    The game is supposed to be hard, it’s based on the last hope of human survival against an unstoppable robot horde who will stop at nothing to destroy every single last human alive. Think about that for a moment… You should never feel completely safe while in this situation! The game reflects that (ie. No Noob Protection!) perfectly.

    Cylons are relentless killing machines. They don’t care if you’re a soldier, an old man in diapers, or an infant – they’ll kill you in an instant, no second guessing, no hesitations, no remorse. I enjoy the fact that Toasters 50+ lvls higher than me swoop in and attack. It gives the game the sense of danger that it needs.

    Learning from your mistakes is a huge part of life, and BSG-O. If you’re water mine is continually being destroyed by the enemy, maybe you should realize that 1 person is not enough to hold a water mine! Christ, it’s not that difficult of a concept. Water = Big Bucks in this game, no kidding people will take it from you as quickly as they can. So find some random allies, or join a wing. Defending a mine with a well thought out squad will not only be a lot of fun, but you’ll reap the benefits as well.

    Anybody complaining about “having” to spend money to be good at this game is just lazy. Plain and simple. Put in the time to learn the game, play through the missions that are provided, and mine resources when you can. All of this will help with the controls, the physics, and the concepts – which in the end will make you a better pilot. And guess what, the game is fun as hell when you get to this point.

    Now that I’ve got that off my chest, a few complaints about the game – from a person who enjoys the shit out of it:

    – Not enough missions. No fleet/squad based missions.
    – No player controlled Outposts.
    – No trading / merchant system
    – The galaxy that this game takes place in is quite small.

    Anyhow, it’s a fun game and it’s FREE TO PLAY. So anybody who’s interested in BSG, or Space Opera in general should definitely check it out. Like Lucafer a few posts up, I play on the Scorpia Server, so shoot me a message if you need help starting out (I’m one of the Colonials, in case that wasn’t obvious.)

    • Finally someone who f-ing gets it. I have a few friends from a World of Tanks clan, who are levels 5-150ish (dont really know if it goes that high, but they are damn high levels), I always ALWAYS tell them to tele to me for mining, because we stick to groups of 5 or more, easily defending ANY mining facility. It really isn’t that hard, just find a dude who can help you out, once your a higher level, you can break off and do you own thing, currently im working towards a Maul-class medium assault frigate/cruiser, which will be good, as it costs 600k Tylium, im at 150k Ty. Yet, im only level 5, so i plan to get MUCH more during the course of time!

  43. Im a lvl 26 col now and i have to say Im done.

    Problem #1. Im tired of getting destroyed instantly by people 50+ lvls higher even when im just puttin around lookin for water.

    Problem#2 The payback for mining water is so pathetic .2 cubit for 1 water you get to a certain lvl of weaponry and without using credit card you just cant afford to upgrade weapons. They cost too much cubits and all the high lvl people are constantly stealing your water mines IF you get lucky enough to find one.

    Was fun until I realized that to have a good ship in less than 6 months you need to blow about 300-500 bucks real money to have enough cubits to get good ship, Or you can mine(grind) for 4 hrs a day and only get to fight when some high lvl players sees you mining and kills you.

    They need more big water rocks or they need to increase payback of water to cubit ratio, its .2 cubits for 1 water. I know they want to make money but they have made it so you have to LIVE online to earn cubits by mining water or dish out real cash to make what takes 3-6 months happen in a day. For instance lvl 10 guns cost 100000 cubits x 4-6 guns=600000+cubits for all 6 guns at lvl10 and they only give you 100000 cubits for 100 bucks. So you can spend 600 dollars i ncash to get them instantly or mine for 3-6 months and hardly do anything else but mine. i mine 2-4 hrs a day and get around 30k of water which is about 6k or cubits when you trade it. SO thats roughly a hundred days or over 3 months to get guns that will actually rock the house. Not to mention armor, computers,engines. Its costs about a 1000000 cubits to have a really good ship and thats gonna cost you hundreds of dollars or lotsa BORING mining and constant death with no chance all during this mining by high lvl players who rarely take on people that are even slightly close to their lvl of weaponry. Oh, and until you get lvl 10 guns on your ship you basicly only have have half the map to play with as half the sectors are a high threat lvl and you wont kill much there without lvl10+ guns, you will waste your time dying or running from what you cannot kill.

    So if your looking for something to do for a few days or you are autistic or have OCD and like doing repetitive meaningless tasks for months then its cool. Otherwise they made it so if you want something that can actually kill something or even stand a chance (even mining your butt off) you are going to have to blow 50 bucks a month as their cash for cubits ratio is pathetic and their ingame water to cubit ratio is pathetic.

    Designed to look good and make money. Def for wallet warriors who have a grand to spend in the next 3-6 months to get a good ship. Hope this helps some people out. Its only fun for a few days or until you realize your not gonna be upgrading for months without spending a significant amount of real world money.

    Instead of a system where you can make progress with a minimal cash investment and alot of hard work, they have made it so you need to make a major investment or just lag forever at lvl6-7 gear. I guarantee you will mine your butt off with little to show for it because they want you to get frustrated and BUY cubits. So in a sense its like the real world, its easier to buy your way to the top than to earn it. Yes yes I understand they want and need to make money but this is made TOO tight for ingame cubit accumulation.

    So to reiterate its fun for a few days unless you have hundreds of dollars to spend.

    • i have played for 7 months, less than 2-4hrs/day. now am lvl 60. bought a liche at level 9 for $12. you must not be playing very smartly and your cubit math does not include free bonuses and the like.
      fleet battles in squads, mining platforms, and completing your daily assignments, will yield more than 5k cubit per day, in easily less than 1 hour.
      the game gets better as you progress but slow learners become frustrated and quit. stick to simpler games if that’s what’s your cup of tea.

      • I hear this B.S. all the time. If you can’t level up your a slow learner or pathetic player. This talk is all in game banter and has no basis in reality. Sandmans numbers look pretty darn accurate to me.

        There is an important distinction that should be made here. XP (Gamer) level has nothing to do with equipment or gun level.

        Equipment level can only be purchased with cubits. Makes no difference how much XP you have…I’d like to see a lvl 100+ player using level 1 guns. I’ll kick his butt every time.

        I’ll give you a for example…to upgrade a lvl 9 gun to lvl 10 on my viper will cost 45,000 cubits. To go from 11 to 12 will cost me about 80,000 cubits to be 100% certain of the upgrade and who wants to gamble 70000 cubits for an 87.5% chance of upgrading…just wait till you have one fail and you’ll never gamble again. Info for noobs, you have to use tuning kits (1000 cubits to buy) to lvl up past 10 on equipment. And although sometimes you get these as loot in battles or for free in games, you’ll never collect enough to level up 4,5 or 6 guns to lvl 15. You’ll have to buy with cubits and tylium.

        So to upgrade my Viper Mk II’s 4 guns from 10 to15….first you cannot project how much it will because you can only level up on at a time from 10 to 15. So you have no idea how may tuning kits it will take to get there. So I can only extrapolate what I know from going from 10 to 11. The same, by the way, can be said for low level players they cannot even see how much it will cost to get to the next level unless they have achieved that skill level with XP. So, noobs are totally in the dark about how much this game will cost them.

        4 guns, 10 to 11, 50000 cubits each = 200,000
        Artemis 10-11, 23500,
        Hull Plates 10-11, 28500

        So that is roughly 252,000 cubits just to go from 10 to 11 on my viper. Any idea how many cubits it took to get to lvl 10????? I’ll use a level 1 missile launcher to estimate…76,500 for one gun.

        So let’s see, the viper is advanced, all guns and hull plates are lvl 10 or better…so that is….526,000 cubits to get to lvl 10. And anyone’s guess to get higher than 10.

        Extrapolating the 10 to 11 price, I calculate it will take 750,000 cubits to go from level 10 guns to level 15 guns. So x4 guns, that is 3,000,000 cubits. So using real world.. $99 for 350k or let’s just assume you buy them all on happy hour 2 for 1 special. $99 would be 700k. So on happy hour budget that is $424 to upgrade a viper to level 15 guns.

        If you want to mine water for that then be prepared to spend time. At the current 5 to one ration between water and cubits, you’ll need 5x3million = 15 million water to upgrade to lvl 15. Let’s assume this is asteroids at 1000 each…that’s 15000 asteroids to mine…or how about planetoids (assuming you can mine it) at an average of 25,000 each with no sharing (no squads…)…that’s 600 planetoids.

        Ok.. now time…600 planetoids, assuming no kills and no help and max mining rate of +10% all the time (yea right)…and your looking at 23,809 minutes, or 397 hours, or 16.5 24 hours days.

        Do you suppose BSGO knows that geeky engineers play their game and then get frustrate when the finally reach a level that reveals the full truth of the money game BSGO has in mind?


        • OK just going to briefly address some of this nonsense. If you canโ€™t level up you are a slow learner or pathetic player. OR you’re one of those people who expects to have everything in a game within about 6 weeks of starting playing.

          I’ve been playing for about a year in total but on my current main account I’ve played for about 6-7 months, for a few hours in the evening only and not every day. I’m currently level 78. I don’t have all my gear maxed out to level 15, most of it is at levels 13-14 but I’ve been competitive since it hit around level 10 and that’s competitive with ANYONE on the server that I play on. I did that *months* ago.

          If you stick to pvp against players up to 10 levels higher than you until around level 25 and then extend that to only fighting players up to double your level from level 30 onwards, you will have no problems getting kills unless you’re pretty hopeless.

          With a bit of intelligence you can soon avoid getting killed by high levels – you can see two of the ship classes from halfway across a system, you have time to go make coffee and then jump out. If you get surprised by one of the third class, you can still often jump out before they kill you.

          As for mining, don’t place industrial mines on planetoids – it is a beacon for pvp. Fly around asteroid fields, in particular in the following systems: Hatir, Vidofnir, Calibaan and Muninn. You will be able to mine water to sell for cubits without any difficulty.

          At the start of the game (up until at least level 30) stay in a strike craft – bigger is NOT better in this game without the gear to back it up. I cannot stress this enough.

          Some of the comments in these reviews are simply designed to stop people joining the game because the people writing them are hopeless gamers or vindictive trolls. As for comments about needing to spend ‘$500 to $1000 a month’ I have never head anything so ridiculous in my life. I’ve spent a TOTAL of about ยฃ30 (under $50) since I started playing.

          The game is fun, easy to get into and you don’t have to spend ANYTHING to be able to build a ship that will let you fight other players at a decent level. Sign up and give it a go, if you don’t like it it’s cost you nothing but a bit of your time.

          • First off, no one said you can’t level up in the game. Second, wallet warriors are like scum in the game so no one likes to admit to it…but there is a poster here (I think) that admitted to $1900 and a guy on line had heard of figures of $5000. I’ve spend over $1000. There is a reason they call it wallet warrior. I’m not sure I understand the pride that goes with “not spending a dime” when Big Point makes it obvious that this is a pay to advance without boring yourself to death game. You can even buy XP for crying out loud

            I’ll re-note my point about XP level vs. weapon level and how they are different. I’ll agree you can be competitive at lvl 10 gear and above with most other PVP players that are not wallet warriors. But I’ve read BANE’s comments and figure his premise is still dead on….that there are players still using hacks of some kind. I’ve run up against players at half my level that talk smack and then kill me. Since writing the previous post, I’ve leveled up my viper to 15 ACROSS the board on guns, buffs, and hull. I know how much it takes. And good luck mining that much…boring.

            What ticks me off is in a head to head, stare each other down and shoot attack against guys claiming they never spend a dime, I lose using purple ammo, emitters, and DC packs. I’d love to hear how my load out is inadequate. But no-one ever elaborates…they just say your a bad pilot and they have experience. Of course who would say, “I’m using the avoidance hack”…When you are head to head shooting there is no “flying” involved. So some other explanation must exist. Could be weapon types, hull plate types, buff loadout… Could be they had an advanced craft with a fifth gun at XP lvl 32…guess that’s possible…can you buy merits too?

      • See my cubit math below which is based upon real would values to buy gear. Forget how you get cubits…mining, dalies…whatever…as I point’ll do a lot of dailies to get to lvl 15 gear and if your not a wallet warrior that is a LOT of time invested in front of a computer scanning rocks and shooting NPC ships.

    • There are some new missions i am a lvl 22 colonial with an aesir(guns lvl 7)and with playing one hour you can do much you don’t have to mine because there are missions and with those you can easilly make over 12k cubit’s in an hour.
      So it’s not true mining is not the best ting to do ,do missions.

  44. hey guys i need help ! does anybody know a game thats just like galactia shooting and things i want it ppl vs ppl like villains vs heroes plz and not galactica so pzzz help and thank you REPLY

  45. I played this game for a month gave it a full test and this is where im at

    1) The 3D graphics are very nice

    2) The mining system is not to bad

    3) The detail work on galactica , pegasus and the basestars are superb


    1) The controls are extremley difficult to learn as a first time player

    2) The whole game is just one over glorified menu system

    3) The combat system is all menu based

    4) The servers are at times so unbalanced that either one side or the other own the map and the developers do this random faction switch which will give any player above level 10 the option to switch plus some bonuses to do so, but this is a rare event and the player can only switch one time so if you dont like it after the switch …tough or make a new account

    5) As is per usual with Bigpoint games they really focus on making as much money as possible even if the game itself suffers and thats the same case with BGO, so even a new player can become virtually unbeatable with 1-2 hours grind and a very good credit card.

    6) There is no protection for new players and ive seen level 1 players get attacked and yes beaten by someone at level 100+

    7) This game is not very new player friendly as a matter of fact there are alot of new players that quit because they cant figure it out and those that do most quit because they get attacked by higher level players who seem to enjoy attacking low level newbies.

    8) This game is all ship based adventure, sorry ppl no ground missions, and as far as a story line this game is supposed to be based on season 2 of the series but you will find its not, its such a diluted plot line and the fact there is no story missions in the game.

    9) The utter lack of a real tutorial hurts this game even further the initial mission you get when you start will explain very little , and the few missions you get from either adama (colonial) or number one (cylon) only explain as far as how to do basic mining.

    10) The skill upgrades are a complete joke considering that a player with enough dollars can beat a person with maxed out skills any day of the week.

    I could go on about the bad points of this title but i will stop here and close in saying , if you got money to burn dont mind alot of lag and dont care if the game is a repetitive over glorified menu system with no real depth at all then by all means play it , but if you really want a good shooter then you should look elsewhere because this title is not it.

    I give Battlestar Galactica Online a 2 out of 10.
    The good 3D graphics cannot save galactica from not the cylons BUT the low quality of game that bigpoint has dished out this time.

  46. The good the bad and the ugly

    The good
    This game has really good 3D graphics and is pretty well designed as far as ships and the avatars are concerned.

    The Bad
    You dont have any real story line missions the game is a VERY loose interpitation on the second season of the syfy series that it really has nothing in common with the series at all but just the theme, along with that the game crashes a ton something the game developers have never fixed, on top of that the tutorial mission dont explain much so new players are left trying to figure it out since the help instructions are no help at all.

    The Ugly
    If you insist on this game whether it be because you love the series or just like this genre of shooter make sure and this is so important….bring your credit card and HUGE credit limit because as is the case with all Bigpoint games they focus on your wallet not the overall quality of the game so even a low level can be unbeatable if they flip out thier wallets and spend spend spend,
    also you will be grinding till hell freeezes over twice and ontop of that the game developers made the cylon ships far superior to the colonial BUT..they are supposed to be the exact same attribute wise but thier not , this game is an over elaborate menu system and is tottaly and entirley motivated by profit and therefore the game suffers because to many credit card heros.

    So if you have alot of cash ,time and nothing else better to do this is right up your alley but you will find this game is Darkorbit 3D where if your not buying your dying

    I started playing this crahole of a game during the early open beta testing phases and finally got tired of it i dont have the 500 to 1K bucks a month to spend on this game just so i can fight with any degree of effectiveness.

    This game is very veryVERY bad a MUST avoid… if your smart

  47. I will agree that there is both good and bad in the game, but over all i think it is a great game that should be more played by people with more patients and time, and if you have those two things, that will amplify you gaming experience.

  48. Anon, Yes the game is worth playing imo… The graphics are amazing, the game play is pretty simple and if not sure how to do something, just ask someone how to do something, which I recommend doing the tutorial first. Now what everyone says is true it is hard to play, lvling is not to bad. and yes i was banned for 30 min in chat cause I used fowl language towards a high lvl cylon that killed me. I was lvl 5 and he was lvl 101. now with all that said, just cause you are 95 lvls higher than me or more don’t mean a team of lvl 20s cant kill a high lvl 100+ it is possible and done it many times with a group of 4 lvl 20s. the squad is maxed at 10 right now, but not capped for guilds. Mines are hard to defend sometimes, cause most the cylons I know are high in lvl, but again just cause a high lvl cylon comes don’t mean you and your group can not take him out and keep the mine, or have help come defend your mine. most of the cylons play the game the way it should be played, and some do not. which means the ones who dont play it the way it should be means they wont kill you on sight, they may warn you to leave the sector or not to get to close. just ask them if you can finish you mission and they may let you if not just leave sector and jump back in a lil after. It is a great game i believe. you learn from mistakes and trial and error. I have a few members that like myself like the mk2 or mk7 and teaching them how to build up there weapons. even though I am a low lvl I am very good at flying these and many cylons tell me for my lvl I am very good.

    If you or anyone else needs help I am playing on Scorpia server as Lucafer, I am currently lvl 21 almost lvl 22. I am in the wing (guild) Guardians of Galictica and we are always looking for new players or anyone one of any lvl to join. Just IM me like this /w Lucafer (insert message here) , or if see me talking click my name and will auto put u into a private message with me.

    • What does get frustrating (and this is BSGO’s fault) is you have a mix of wallet warriors that have spent hundreds and likely thousands if they were honest to level up, and others that are hoping they can get there without paying for it. So anger is generated by not being able to level up fast enough because you can’t mine water fast enough. The last change on mining water caused a lot of players to quit. Perhaps BSGO did this because cubit purchasing dropped off. What do they expect. Once you realize that there is no way to catch a wallet warrior unless you spend $500 to $1000 dollars or the rest of your years playing the game and slowing collecting cubits, the whole thing seems a bit pointless. Imagine playing monopoly and the dollars were distributed by the actual amount your family is worth rather that starting with the same cash load and you get the idea.

      • Well 99% of my friends (and i got 100 friends including like 3 guys lvl 255 and like 20-30 guys over 150) and they all told me when i was complaining about the cubits : dude i have jotunn adv i have gugnir i have halberd i have all the ships and DAMN IT i worked for them i was mining water 24\7 and making all daily missions and here i am one of the best players so don`t tell me that guys with bigger wallets are unfair they aren`t just they don`t fkn know to play the game so they buy it they buy everything they can to make the game easier ๐Ÿ˜€ i tell u what a game is worth to play if u EARN things and some day u can train lower level players and tell them everything about the game some tricks set-ups and so. Trust me if u pay for something that thing isn`t worth anything anymore. BTW merits can`t be bought so…CHEERS !

  49. Is this game worth it? From what I read it has its good points, but what really puts me off is Relentless’ comment on it. I’m fine with playing hard games but I’m not really up to playing hopeless games.

  50. UPDATE!!! due to the updates for unity web player, I can now play this game full blast on my netbook…its amazing to finally see my ship, and not this pink blob!

    Great game, I havent gotten as far to be able to mine planetoids, and I am still stuck in the first ship..but im getting there

  51. lol @ NONstop.

    read the blurb at the top of the page

    Title: Battlestar Galactica Online
    Status: Final
    Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Sci-Fi
    Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser Game
    Publisher: Bigpoint
    Developer: Bigpoint

  52. This game is a bit like one that bigpoint made but its great if there were a few more players.the contrals are a bit too much but ok

  53. The game is good, but mining can be very difficult, especially if you want to buy new ships, you need to find resource rich planetoids, and those are rare mostly due to the fact that as soon as people sign in they search every system, it is a mad rush so to be one of the lucky ones is rare, and usually a high level enemy turns up in a larger class ship and decimates you and your mining ship, other people usually steal the rest of the resources while your respawning, takes the fun out of it. other wise it’s a really fun game.

    • Dude you are so right i am a level 109 cylon Aerilon sever and what you said is very true. plus there are a lot of high levels that controls both cylon and col accounts so they can take out you mine with one account and seize it with the other account it is very sick but does happen
      Like your comment
      Leader of SDS = Seven_Deadly_SIn

      • I stopped playing after level 18 as a cylon because the game is hugely unbalanced. Unlike WoW and other MMOs which discourage high level players from beating up on noobs, here its encouraged. Many high levels pride themselves on chasing down lower level players. Don’t even think about dropping a mine with a group of 5 level 10s. What this means is that it is getting impossible to level and have a fair and fun fight in the game without days of mindless mining or paying lots of $ to cheat and buy cubits. This game is fun but not as it is now and not when most high levels beat up on low levels. I quit and couldn’t be happier.

        • Im level 26 Cylon and have spent about ยฃ150 in cubits and im still struggling to level up, but i do find the game addictive although very frustrating when being pick on by high levelers, i will probably keep going though as i do seem to be a glutten for punishment.

        • I hear you. I’m on my first week and 99% of the time when i start a mine a huge ass CYLON ship or high level one will decimate me and mine. As if it sent out a beacon. I rarely get to keep one for more than 5-10 minutes. And the one in Battlespace (for those at level 1-10 only) is glitched. You can scan it for resources but not call in a mining ship.

        • Hey pal !
          U`r right about the “high level players beating up on noobs” but u`r not right about the
          “dropping a mine with a group of 5 level 10s” cause it`s highly possible… now u must understand that merits are so hard to be made that a little unbalance is necessarily.
          Though … 5 lvl 10s can beat up a guy within lvl 100 if u know how to organize urself. I can`t promise u that none of ur guys will die i`m only saying that u can kill him. So i have in mind one maul that should tank or provide EW and coverfire , a scythe should do the chasing thing and annoy him with her agility , and 3 vipers can easily overwhelm his firepower and EW if you sync and organize ur attack ๐Ÿ˜€
          piece of cake ๐Ÿ˜€ u can also beat a lvl 100 line…what i fear most is a lvl 100 liche in which case u wouldnt stand a chance …but still u can defend very well against any bigger-level class of ship if u have a good ship teamup ๐Ÿ˜€ ( also when u lvl up more and buy a mk7 or even mk7 adv or maybe a halberd then we shall see if u won`t do exactly the same -> killing noobs and stealing their mines ๐Ÿ˜› ) GL HF !!!

      • Something I don’t understand. When you jump it takes a short 15 seconds. But so god help that theirs an enemy on the DRADIS (RADAR) that it takes 1 to 1.5 minutes to jump to safety. Why?! If you say it’s jamming it never happens when they appear AFTER you spool up the FTL drive. And I seriously doubt that a lowly level 3 AI drone would have a jamming device. I also hate the fact that you cant use the asteroids or debris as cover. Weapons fire go straight through.

      • As a noob…General007 is my nemesis. Chased me down with a banshee in my viper and was keeping up with me!!! Agree that mining disruption stinks but that is the game right? What if BSGO didn’t display the mining dots…so players would actually be required to hunt for mining ops instead of looking at a global map. What happens now, is you need mining disruption for dailies and the map gives away every location in the galaxy at a glance. What dradis range would really be required to see the whole galaxy in one glance. If BSGO stopped broadcasting mining ops then you would not see PVP’s pop in the second you drop a mine.

        • As a side note…why do you get to see detailed information about a player that is beyond your dradis range just because you have a visual? If BSGO would not display blue or red for contacts beyond dradis then all you would know is that a mining ship is there but not who controls it. There are a lot of non-realistic aspects like this that make the game annoying. Another one is not being able to hind behind asteroids or planetoids or even other ships without getting hit. If you actually had some avoidance based on piloting skills that would add even more reality to the game and even up the playing field.

        • Banshee has 5 engine slots and General007 is one of the most strongest players on BSGO with lvl 15 boosters on that baby he can easily run 110mps with a harpy in an escort, that’s what escorts are for, killing strikes. So don’t complain.

        • Well , as above , i say that “as a noob” u should first learn some things about escorts and then come and complain about getting urself killed by a lvl 200+ player with an escort ship. So escort ship weren`t quite made for escort , they are viper killers respectively raider annihilators . Your question was “why an escort ship can catch a strike?” and the answer is : Because that`s what they do ? Hunt strikes. Believe me if u are a lower lvl strike u got low chances to kill an escort. Though a little later ingame u could easily blow up some escorts with ur viper mk7/war raider adv. if u have a good set-up and some skillz going through ur veins ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheers !

    • Hey guys, DJ here from Aerilon server, I want to recommend this game I am level 132 and one of the vets that have been playing since open and closed beta. The game is well put together, all of you guys who complain that the controls are “too hard,” you really suck at using a computer. Best thing about the game is that its completely free and not hard at all. Graphics are AMAZING!!! Check out the game guys. I highly recommend it and if you feel like like it stinks, keep playing it for about a month till you can get an escort, then if u still dont like it, give up on it.

    • They aren’t as bad as everyone complains. I played this game all through closed and open beta, its definitely worth playing, don;t listen to people that quit after a few minutes.

    • That’s the first thing I thought about the game as well, but after 2 weeks of playing and learning , I find this game really great. It’ll take sometime to get used to the control but I’d say it’s worth the time.

    • I am a player on the Aerlion server, I have been playing for over a year now and I am still finding out new tips and tricks to the game. It is so much fun. The variety of everything. You probably have over 1 thousand different ways you can set up a ship. It has a great balance of strategy and skill. You people who complain about the controls you can change the key bindings. Simpily once you open your game press o this will bring up option click key bindings. Look through the list for the pitch and trim controls. Personally I like using W,A,S,D. It frees up your right hand for the mouse and other key commands. You are also not reaching over your left arm to get to key commands. I strongly suggest playing this game. Play on the Aerlion server it is by far the most welcoming. It is also very friendly to all levels of players. One more thing, this game is great cause wallet warriors are not overpowering as in some other games. Look me up when u play.

    • I would recommend giving it a little more time. The game has difficult controls but once you get used to it it’s easy to use. And if you use the keyboard I would suggest using the mouse to steer, it is easier for me at least.

    • are you crazy , the controls are super easy , hold left click to turn , and use the rolly thing on your mouse at control the speed , and E and Q to even your aircraft out , simple as pie

  54. Well for once Bigpoint made a game that is good mentioning, However I’d reccomend being very careful with your language, I dropped the F bomb and got muted for 2 days, I also said the letters omfg and got muted for 6 hours. All in all it’s a good game with a complete mining system and massive battles started by players (usually over resources) consisting of anywhere between 30 and 100 players, three different classes of ships, with three different kinds of ships in each class that are well distinguished, good graphics and a great soundtrack, so I’d give it about an 8 of 10 because that worthless muting system.


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