Because Life After The Apocalypse Just Isn’t Enough, Crossout Players Are About To Get Frostbite

The new Frostbite Assault update introduces cryogenic damage mechanics.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Crossout Frostbite Assault

Gaijin Entertainment has a frosty new update for the post-apocalyptic action game Crossout. Introducing new weapons types and vehicle parts for the Hyperborea faction, the update also brings with it new cryogenic damage mechanics. Some of the new weapons are part of the new cryogenic mechanics, including the Jotun cryogenic howitzer.

When shells from this weapon explode they leave a pool of coolant that freezes parts of armored vehicles that fall into it. This also reduces the power and speed of vehicles. Other frosty weapons include the Narwhal cryocannon and the Skadi cold launcher. The latter helps reduce damage from enemy weapons.

Another feature of the new update is the new “Northern Justice” four-player raid. In this raid, players repel attacks from a variety of enemies, each with their own unique features. These include the Berserker with increased damage and high vulnerability, the Pyromaniac armed with a fire weapon that leaves a puddle of fire, the Rocker that increases the damage of nearby allies, and more. A full rundown of all new features available in the update can be found on the Crossout site.

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