“Play the dead, fight the living” is the tag line for Deadhaus Sonata, an upcoming free-to-play action RPG from Apocalypse Studios that bills itself as a “Spiritual Successor to Legacy of Kain.” Featuring a properly dark and gloomy art style, Deadhaus Sonata casts players in the role of a monster “dealing death and destruction on a massive scale.”

You’ll have several choices as to just which kind of ghoulish nightmare you choose to represent. The website lists four undead classes — liche, revenant, vampire, and ghoul — with more to come. The classes follow a trinary state system, with three “health” bars physical, ethereal. When one is depleted, a character must shift into another — think of the classic case of a vampire turning to mist when damaged — and “true death” occurs when all three reach zero.

In addition to the ability to “Tear through hordes of enemies in visceral combat,” Deadhaus Sonata focuses on a strong narrative, with plenty of lore and player-guided design. The game will be divided into “ages,” where elements are “permanently forged into the world by players, for all to discover and marvel at in later Ages.” An example given is that a weapon forged in the First Age will be immensely powerful by the time the Seventh Age rolls around.

You can purchase Founder’s Packs, ranging in price from $30 to $500, until Oct. 31. The game will first be available on PC via Steam, and Apocalypse has plans to expand to every other platform in the future.

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  1. Boring. Looks like they added a ton of snow textures and 5 billion pounds of snow particles to try hide how lazy and uninspired the map design actually is. Gameplay looks like poor man’s Vindictus, and that game is over a decade old.


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