Big Refinement Changes Are Coming To Neverwinter


Arc Games has decided that Neverwinter‘s Refinement system is a bit of a chore for players — what with all the items that have to be saved, the vast number of types, and having to wait until the right time to use them. They’ve also noted that this system can be a bit daunting for new players who have to figure out what enchantments are used where. So, to make things easier, the team has decided to do away with that whole system.

Instead, players will be given a currency called Refinement Points to work with. Gemstones, Enchantments, Runestones, etc, can all be broken down into Refinement Points which will be used along with reagents to complete upgrades. Of course, this means there will be new menu options and windows to deal with. But that’s got to be better than a perpetually full inventory.

In addition to the switch to Refinement Points, the developers have also changed artifact marks into Enchantment Stones — another move designed to simplify things.

Also notable among the changes is that the developers will stop running Double Refinement events. This eliminates the need for players to hold onto everything until its the best time to use them.

Of course, there’s more changes than those just listed above. A full overview of the upcoming changes can be found on the Neverwinter forums.


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