When SWTOR‘s Onslaught Expansion arrives, it will make major changes to each of the game’s classes. Not only will it add new abilities, but players will also need to adjust to changes in set bonuses, tactical items, and more. To prepare players for the upcoming changes, BioWare has decided to publish a series of posts not only detailing the technical changes made to classes but also offering some insight via combat scenario examples.

As you can probably guess, the dev team isn’t releasing the posts all at once — which based on today’s post would be a hell of a read in one sitting — but rather focusing on one or two classes at a time. Recently, they addressed the changes made to both the Assassin and Shadow classes.

As mentioned above, classes will be receiving new abilities. In the case of the Assassin, this would be the Severing Slash, which is a cone-shaped attack that deals weapon damage to and slows any enemy in its path by 50% for 3 seconds. Shadow, on the other hand, is getting a very similar ability named Cleaving Cut.

In both cases, the abilities will come along side new set bonuses and tactical items. Set bonuses are extra effects that are obtained with equipping a specific armor set. Tactical items change how some abilities function and come as a new gear type. In both cases, there’s quite a bit of information to read through on each of the classes — far more than we could outline here as well as the dev team already has. So, rather than doing a copy/paste, we’ll just provide you with the link and let those who are interested hit up the post in their free time. Keep in mind that more posts like these will be on their way in the future, so if these are not your classes of choice, the post for other classes will likely be along soon, but if you are looking for Sorcerers or Sages, you can check out the previous post here.

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