There’s a new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next content pack, Knights of the Eternal Throne. But you won’t see that until Oct. 7. Instead, you can see a trailer for the trailer, because why not?

It’s really more like a single image, but since it’s in video form, we’ll go ahead and call it a trailer for now. The full reveal will come next week at New York Comic Con, when KotET will be revealed in all its glory.

In the meantime, if you want something a little meatier, you can check out a batch of unreleased musical scores from Knights of the Fallen Empire posted today with the overarching title Arcann, The Eternal Flame, below. In fact, the SWTOR YouTube channel has been busy, posting musical score videos each of the last three days in the lead-up to the KotET reveal. Whatever your thoughts on SWTOR, it’s hard to argue that they nailed the “Star Wars-y music” part of things.


  1. When they didn’t had an expansion the entire game was free good gameplay and story and pvp is more balance(cause it is affected by gear stats) when the new expansions were released nothing was balance f2p players are being held down by payed players who obviously has more good gear and difference in levels developers may need money but they took it too far they should just make this pay to play instead since 20% is accessible by free to play players while the rest is needed to be payed in short It is barely a free to play game at all and ofcourse it’s from a desperate company that made this game a f2p since they are having a hard time getting money desperate or not their decisions are very underhanded and mostly just plain idiotic if you ask me something about “Why even bother playing it then?” is because im a fair player guy i don’t want to pay when it’s FREE TO PLAY meaning ill pay for buy to play games so i can just get the whole game Instead of playing a game for free but you have to buy 80% of the game.”why jsut buy the dlcs if you can buy the whole game?”Well thing is i dont want to be overpowered against free to play players especially when a pvp is gear base i dont really like it so that’s all for now

  2. Another expansion with zero improvement in PvE, how pathetic they are, I guess they cant even realise how much players they have currently on *gags*

    • probably because they have to eat too

      you get the base game till level 50 for free

      you can still paritcipate in pvp and pve events and if you like the game, you can buy the DLCs and support them

      personally, i dont think its worth it, its a star wars themed wow clone, the only thing it excels at is the story telling, but that could easily be a single player game, oh wait… there is a single player game like that… in fact two.. KOTOR and KOTOR2

      • “probably because they have to eat too”
        One hell of a ridiculous argument, as if solid F2P can’t feed and then some.

        “is a single player game like that… in fact two.. KOTOR and KOTOR2”

        Yeah, this is what bioware should have done, simply continued the story from these two.
        Instead they went for mmo which was kinda stupid move imo.


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