Blade & Soul Adds A Fiery New Specialization For The Warden

Who doesn’t want a flaming giant sword?

QuintLyn Bowers
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Blade and Soul Fiery Update

Blade & Soul’s latest update adds a good bit of new content to the game – all of it hot. Titled Infinite Inferno, the update introduces a new specialization for the Warden, a new dungeon, events, and more. The Warden specialization, The Way of the Inferno, allows them to turn their great sword into a giant flaming weapon. When on fire, attacks with this sword apply something called “Cinder”. This will stack up to seven times, at which point it triggers a Meltdown state and boosts damage.

As for the dungeon, it’s a mythical, Demonsbane dungeon. Players can advance through stages and unlock more difficult levels. The more difficult they are, the better the rewards will be. The dungeon is available for groups of 4.

Finally, the update adds both new and returning events. Season 2 of the Soul Boost event has arrived, as has Season 3 of the Battle Pass. Players can take on new missions and earn new rewards now. Also added are the Fortune Falls event dungeon and a special fishing event.

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