NCSoft has been working on its support plans for the free-to-play MMO Blade & Soul. In order to make the game’s PvP more community and tournament friendly, the development team has been working on separating the game’s spectator features from the development tools required to run the game. This change makes the community’s ability to broadcast competitive events and tournaments easier.

In addition to making spectator mode easier to use, NCSoft is also planning on focusing on community tournaments for the rest of the year while they work toward the 2017 World Championship. NCSoft will be officially sponsoring community-run tournaments by Imperial (focusing on North American players) and Legion (for those in Europe.) The semifinals and Grand Finals for both will be streamed live on the Blade & Soul Twitch channel and in-game via Blade & Soul TV.

More information on NCSoft’s plans for competitive play can be read on the game’s site.

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  1. I don’t know if this would be something that would draw me back to this game but I always wanted to play an MMO that had ingame world wide tournaments. I also like pvping the games I’ve played the pvp is just horrible but they are last generation games that the indie dev company I mostly been at has a lack of focus on their games. Their latest game is actually cool but their lack of focus on what the game should be will ruin it like the pvp system most likely but what should I know it’s only going into open beta but due to their back history with their previous games it’s just iffy. But I haven’t played blade of soul since day 1 due to the launch day issues but I just wasn’t into the game for various of reasons but maybe in 2017 this could make me come back or it might not who knows but it probably won’t since life comes first.

    • dont bother with this game

      1. its full of bots, hackers, goldsellers
      2. female characters are atrocious, they make the game look like hentai porn
      3. there is no gear in the game – just one weapon you keep throughout the whole game and some costume, no boots, no pants, no vest

      • damn i agree with you its like youre playing a hentai game its like the other game called scarlet blade,i have the way they made this game ”you still with one weapon forever” its boring because you need to be rich in the game to evolve your weapon each level you increase the amount of resources increases too and the visual of the costumes are nice but dont have individual parts you can use and make your own style thats unfortunate and other stuff makes the game not that good is because if you dont upgrade your gear you got stuck in the middle of the game and for you upgrade your gear you need keys to open the chests you get in the dungeons and if you run out of keys you cant upgrade your weapon and guess what? these keys you can get on cashshop got stuck in the game because you dont have sufficient keys for get your gear is stupid these things I have spoken are why I have stopped playing the game,and i dont think they will change that because of 2 people are complaining then is waste of time play this game for the moment.

      • Tera online seems alot worse with female characters and it has gender locked classes. But yeah I seen the gold sellers on day 1 they were spamming the world chat and it was a turn off for me. I’ll probably give it 1 more chance since I only logged on for 1 day and it was on launch day I mean they obviously had launch day issues from the forums I read many months ago. But I wanna see if things changed before I don’t bother with this game.

        • But I still probably won’t play this game anyway because like you said it’s pretty much like a hentai game. Not every game has to showcase sexy girls and I rather not have hentai girls or almost nude girls shown like every 5 seconds.

        • I forgot that they had a character pin and I don’t know mine so I’m not gonna bother with this for now I don’t got time to work with the support team. But I do like the PVP and the world tournaments so I will eventually check back on this game.


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