Blade & Soul’s next expansion – Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan – is set to release on March 13 and NCSoft wants to make sure players are ready. So, prior to launch, they’re asking everyone to register to receive a free Hongmoon Ascension Pack. This pack includes a level 60 character boost that can be used on any character the player wishes – pre-existing or new.

Also included in the pack is a new Hongmoon Ascension specific costume and several useful items: an Orb of Ascension, Fleeting Legacy Soul- Stage 1, 15 Chromatic Thread, and a special Hongmoon XP Charm.

As for the update itself, it obviously includes a level cap increase to 60 (otherwise that boost would be pretty useless). To go along with that, players will have access to new class specialization, a new storyline, and a whole new island filled with new creatures.

When the update launches, players will have the chance to participate in a limited time special event, Shackled Isles. In this 20-player battle royale-style event players will be able to earn – currently unnamed – exclusive rewards. Full information on this event will be made available at a later date, but we do know that it will only last until April 10.

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