I’m a sucker for weapon advancement. FFXIV did that (and will do more of it soon) with their relic weapon quests. Yeah, it’s a pain in the neck type of grind in some games (like FFXIV) but it’s one of those “off” things to do and I really like the idea of sticking with a weapon and improving it rather than replacing things you worked for with a vendor item the next time an update rolls around.

Knowing that about me, it should come as no surprise then that I like the news NCSoft dropped about weapon advancement in the upcoming (in the West) free to play MMORPG, Blade & Soul. The idea is basic: your weapon grows with your character. You can use materials to upgrade your weapon to the max. When at max though you can “breakthrough” and continue to upgrade your weapon. It’ll take a lot of work to do this though as the materials needed are held by some pretty big baddies. Max that weapon to level 10 and it even transforms into a whole new weapon to continue upgrading.

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  1. It’s pathetic how Blade n’ Soul lost me. No interesting lore, Unbalanced classes, Full to the roof of fanservice… This game is completely ridiculous. Sorry if you who’s reading like it, but for the time I played i got sick about the mechanics and effects. The game lacks in identity, and squirt problems and bugs. So sad, i got so excited when i knew that i could play the Russian Server… But this is life. Well, i’m enjoying Wildstar which IS a good lore game, with pretty graphics and comic interaction with EVERYTHING. Sorry about you who still wait for this crap, the only thing I can say is: Good luck.

  2. Suuure let’s take from already uber scarce difference pool and make it so that everybody uses the same piece of gear forever and ever. What joy.

  3. I’ve been plating BnS on Russian private server (which is clear copy of Chinese up-to-date version with text translations) for a while and can say that this upgrade weapon system is bad thing. You get your first blue rarity item on level 5 and start evolving it till the endgame. There are many other weapons from bosses, mobs or quests which you will never use. There is no weapon skins or transmogrification (like in WoW) so you can gave your weapon a good shape. You are stuck with weapon styles that you may not enjoy. Afer level 20-30 this evolve staff gets really grindy. You have to farm the same dungeon over and over again to get mats (with low drop chance) pr buy then from speculating people for high price. PvP is unbalanced as hell. There are potions and buffs available for arena duels which sux.

    There is no content in game. The only thing you got is classic quests (crap) and good fighting system (pvp and boss fights). Thats all you got in game. Open world pvp system is dumb. You have to put on yourself the costume of one of opposing fractures to be able to attak some body who wears another costume (white and red ones).

    Overall its a good game but with lack of content and lots of grind. Its probably worth playing but not worth the hype. I’ve been hyped about this game and know what i’m saying. I hope I’ve opened eyes to some one.

    • i agree with this comment i feel like the hype is not worth it game play wise. i mean the characters look great i like being able to make a bad ass sexy assassin but looks only go so far.

  4. Well, the good side of when games takes time to be released in another region is that we get the game at its actual state, current content and bugfixes.

    • It took long but it didn’t kill you? Who cares that you don’t want to play it, it just means you didn’t really want to play it and just want a game you can play for a week then be done with cause you are playing something else “new”.
      Plus they are not making the game to YOUR time, it’s to THEIR time so they can make a good game.

      • So what that it didn’t kill me? so if something don’t kill me I should support it? that don’t make any sense. And by the way the game has been good for a loooong time, so this whole “so they can make it good” excuse is pretty terrible..
        AND I don’t care if you don’t care if I’ll play it its an open forum I am allowed to state my opinion.

    • I’ve been patiently waiting since ’08 since that announcement trailer came out. Better late than never. I’m not letting hype or expectations get the better of me but I personally am excited it’s finally coming with a beta date and release soon to follow.

    • funny how all this ppl come with the same old comment about being so delayed lol, we all know all of them will be the first ones to jump on it, dude even a friend of mine said the same shit and yet he bought a 70$ founder lulz

  5. Blade and Soul is the extreme version of what happened to VIndictus too: everyone go crazy about it when announced, but it takes many years to come to Europe, and when it does, no one even remembers what the game’s name was.

  6. What I want is… It to be released… Its a Game made in similiar if not exactly same ART style as Magna carta games.. I own both the PS2 and the xbox 360 games of it.. I want avulanche but its not translated


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