An exploit involving Estates in Bless Unleashed led to a massive ban wave last night, with 350 accounts getting the boot. The problem? They weren’t all exploiting. And, unlike how it usually goes with the “It was my little brother on the computer, honest!” excuses that usually follow such an affair, there were legitimate mistakes made by the developer this time around, and they’ve fessed up to the error.

A blog post on the Bless Unleashed site lays out the series of events, starting with the ban of 350 accounts late last night. After examining the logs more closely — and hearing from several innocent upset fans — Neowiz and Round 8 Studio realized their “absolutely inexcusable” error and restored all but 50 of the accounts.

Players who were affected by the error should have their accounts restored within 24 hours. Upon re-entering the game, they’ll receive a compensation package of 10 Sealed Chest Keys and 200,000 Star Seed. The Estate system itself has been disabled while Round 8 addresses the explit, with all players receiving two Sealed Chest Keys, XP boosts, a Standard Repair Tool, 300 Artifact Cores, and 1,000 Star Seed for each day they remain offline.

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