Hey, it’s a Bless Unleashed trailer.

OK, fine, they tell me I need to write more than that for a game that’s based on a game that’s shut down or will be shutting down everywhere in the world because I guess some people are still interested?

If you are one of those people, then marvel at the thrilling action combat in this video of Field Bosses in Bless Unleashed, which “present unique challenges and rewards” that “players must band together in order to have a chance at surviving.”

That’s all I got. The press release wasn’t exactly detailed. The description of the content took up just a tiny bit of the email, with the rest being the basic boilerplate stuff. It was like the CVS receipt of press releases. It even tells us to follow Bless Unleashed on the game’s website or the Bandai Namco Facebook or Twitter pages. The new trailer is not found at any of those three locations — but can be seen on the Bless Unleashed Twitter, which isn’t mentioned in the email.

Bandai Namco probably realizes it doesn’t need to do more than the bare minimum to get people to buy into the game. It’s a new MMO, and some people will trip all over themselves to play it, no matter the reputation of the name or how little actual information is provided. (Where are these bosses? How do you fight them? What are the rewards?) That’s all that was needed to get hundreds of thousands of people to shell out for Bless Online, so there’s no reason to change things up at this stage.


  1. I’m still interested! I blame people jumping ship too quick more than the developers actions for the game’s downfall. It’s just sad that the special kind of player that enjoyed the real Bless Online don’t really have a lot of options.

    • what?? you’re blaming the players because neowiz is pathetic company that has no idea how to develop a game? you do realize they scammed the steam community releasing a full game as early access after removing content? bless was an utter failure if anything the players gave them more than enough time.
      do you not understand that the whole point bless online was released was for the cash grab? im surprised a dead game like this has blind fanboys even after it’s downfall lol


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