It took Blizzard less than a day to bring the banhammer down on a Hong Kong Hearthstone player for his interview in which he declared his support for the protests in Hong Kong. Three days after that, Blizzard walked back some of the punishment, which just left one more disciplinary thread to unravel.

Last Wednesday, the team from American University flashed a “FREE HONG KONG” sign during a tournament and, when no punishment was forthcoming, took it upon themselves to drop out of the tournament, calling Blizzard’s lack of punishment “hypocritical.”

Now that’s been taken care of, according to team member Casey Chambers, who posted an email he — and the other members of his team — received from Blizzard to Twitter:

The letter states that Chambers is “prohibited from participating in any Hearhtstone tournaments … extending to April 8th, 2020,” a period of six months.

Chambers welcomed the ban, saying that he “appreciate[s] all players being treated equally and no one being above the rules.” In a follow-up Tweet, he said that the team “knew what we were doing and expected the punishment.”

Now this can all blow over and we can keep on going like it never happened, with no other reason to bring it all to light again occurring in the near future.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. It’s sad that blizzard has now been forced to cancel all pre tournament interviews and remove all face cams from tournaments just because people want to use their platform for their 2 minutes of fame without thinking of the bigger impact.

    The world is already fully aware of what goes on in the world, it’s plastered all over the news and great if you want to support one side that’s what social media is for but sadly they want to ruin things for other people.

  2. So much for “Every Voice Matters” or “Think Globally” that they have decided to put next to their statue which is located in their HQ. It’s a company sure but if it doesn’t have even a little humanity or understanding about it’s customers then it’s doomed company. These last years it seems like they really want to go bankrupt…

  3. TBH these players are doing it real time, and game devs like blizzard are not awake about their policies and all seem unappreciative of the efforts and time these players consume playing their games. There needs to be far more “duty of care” with game companies that want players to become or try and get too tournament levels.
    On Topic:
    In regard to this happening its going to happen because it is happening and its a thing.
    Blizzard obviously believe money is their root to all evil. Now they are marked they are not going to get off lightly.


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