Remember that game we’ve talked about a few times now? The one that is built around blockchain as a method of monetization? The one that promises players ownership of things like cosmetics verified using the blockchain system? Yes, we’re talking about Embersword here.

As it turns out, those interested now have their chance to claim ownership of something in the game, plots of land. On May 27, developer Bright Star Studios, will host the first Embersword land sale via the game’s website.

The game’s first land sale takes place in the nation of Solarwood and will offer right around 12,000 plots to players. A single plot isn’t necessarily a single sale, however, as there are four different types of land on offer. Ranging from a single “regular plot” for $40 to 16 “city plots” for $80,000. Of course, you’ll be paying in blockchain currency so these are the converted prices. Overall, there will be a total of 160,000 plots available in Embersword. Solarwood on its own consists of 40,000 plots. So if this is your thing and you miss out on the first go, there’ll be more chances.

If this is something you’re interested in, you’ll definitely want to go to the Embersword website and look over everything. That’s where you’ll find the full list of costs as well as information on things like revenue shares. Each land type has perks as well. Just hover over the text reading “(Land Type) Perks” to see them all.

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  1. Blockchain in games should be banned by international law and those scumbags who try to make games like this should be jailed for life.


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