Blow Up Pumpkin Kings With Candy Bombs In Aion’s Halloween Event

In fact there’s a lot going on in Gameforge’s games at the moment.

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Aion Halloween

Between now and November 2, Aion players will find themselves running into pesky Pumpkin Kings in areas like the Lower Udas Temple, the Heart of Aphsaranta, and the Stellar Development Laboratory. This isn’t Jack Skellington we’re talking about here. These Pumpkin Kings are a much larger pest – if you can imagine that. The good news is that you get to eradicate them in a fun way, using Candy Bombs! The sweetest way to blow stuff up. Successful explosions will result in rewards too – in the form of a Pumpkin’s King Bundle and Magic Pumpkins. The Pumpkins can be traded to Esta and Isuta in exchange for other rewards. In addition, Kabe will gift players with two Baskets of Transformation Candy just for helping out.

While blowing up Pumpkin Kings is all malicious fun and games, there are other pumpkins that need the players' protection. The Dukaki Thief and Greenhaven Tenaklue are making a mess in the Greenhaven Garden. Protecting the produce will earn players Locked Selection Boxes of Halloween Transformation Contracts and Halloween Weapon Selection Boxes.

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