Blue Protocol Will Deliver Second Update To Status Of Network Test In A Developer Livestream Tomorrow

Originally the team expected the new date for the test to be held sometime in March.

Aspen Pash
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Blue Protocol Network Test Update 2

The highly anticipated MMORPG Blue Protocol was first set to kick off network testing on January 14, but after coming across a bug that prevented zones from being created properly, the test was sadly postponed with a promise of more information to follow in late February.

Now, in a follow-up report bringing fans of the MMORPG news on preparations coming to implement the network test, Blue Protocol will hold its “Blue Protocol Communication” 6.2 on Tuesday, February 28 at 8 PM JST, and 6 AM EST on the game’s YouTube channel.

In the last Blue Protocol Communication, the team expected the test to be held around the end of March, so hopefully that early prediction continues to be true. If the bug was not fixed and the network test is pushed back, this could result in a delay in the game's release.

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slayerdmond 1 year ago
ive got so much Hype for this game, ajaja ive been waiting for it since they announce it! Thanks for keep us in touch with this awesome Game Xoxo!!

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