Bohemia Interactive’s Arma 3 Mod Argo is now available as a standalone, free-to-play game. The shooter pits players against each other in the setting of the first Arma game — the island of Malden.

Players compete in 5v5 matchups in which they battle over the remains of a crashed space station. As with most shooters, the players are rewarded at the end of a match with experience points based on their performance. These points can be used to unlock new weapons and gear.

The game also offers players a mode by the name of “Combat Patrol” in which 10 players team up to take on the AI. It has random objectives and procedurally generated enemy forces.

More info on the game is available on the Bohemia Interactive site.

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  1. They’ve stripped ARMA from everything that made it cool and then failed to properly add elements from games they were trying to emulate. This isn’t an introduction-level ARMA, this isn’t them branching out into a new (more competitive) direction, this is literally the worst of both world. What a shame.


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