The way things are going today, we could all use a little more vigor in our life — and maybe a little more Vigor, too.

Bungie has announced the Guardian’s Heart initiative for Destiny 2 players, to help raise funds for those in need of health care in over 80 countries worldwide. Bungie is asking players to donate to humanitarian society Direct Relief, with a donation of $20 or more netting you a Guardian’s Heart Emblem in Destiny 2. Instructions on how to donate and claim your emblem can be found here.

Meanwhile, Bohemia Interactive, makers of the Norwegian survival game Vigor, is asking players to help support a worthy cause by purchasing a Stay Safe Charity Pack, available now for $1.99 (limit one per account). The “pack” consists of just one item, a Stay Safe Mask, though it doubles as a way to hide your identity, useful in a game where you might be murdering people for their shoes.

Bohemia will donate all proceeds of the mask to the University Hospital Brno, “the biggest hospital in the city in Prague where our team is located, which was repeatedly hit by hacker attacks while facing the threats of the COVID-19 virus.” I don’t know what kind of low-lifes would hack a hospital during a global pandemic, but I’d like to see them dropped into the game for real to see how long they’d survive.

Finally, if you’re not in a position to donate right now, you can still honor medical workers by picking up a free pack of items in Star Trek Online. The Medical Pack is available right now for PC players and will come to Xbox and PlayStation players on May 7. It consists of a new Vanity Shield, to deck your starship out in medical colors, a Holo Bashir Bridge Officer, an Emergency Medical Hologram Bridge Officer, and an Admiralty card, for medical ship USS Hope.

Also, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time this Saturday, April 17, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are hosting a gathering on the upper promenade of Deep Space Nine, outside of Quark’s, where players are encouraged to “show up in your best Medical Uniform” to show support for medical workers on the front lines. I think we all wish life was more like Star Trek, where, if a new and strange alien disease was found, it would be cured by the end of the hour-long episode.


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