Star Trek just isn’t Star Trek without the occasional run-in with the Borg — at least, not anymore. Of course, it’s been a while since the last Borg event in Star Trek Online, so here we are, fighting them again during the Borg Resurgence.

This event includes three remastered Borg Task Force Operations, giving players a new way of facing the biggest baddies in the universe. The newly remastered TFOs feature new mechanics as well as things like additional voice overs designed to make them even more appealing. The idea wasn’t to make them more difficult or add useless content to make the TFOs seem more challenging. Instead, the devs have gone for a more nuanced approach, adjusting things like fail conditions so that there are margins of error rather than a simple pass-fail system. The remastered TFOs also match player levels to improve balancing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an event without some kind of reward, and this one is no exception. Players who participate in the Borg Resurgence event will have the chance to win an account-based set of Cyclical Modulation Ground Weaponry.

A full rundown of the event, changes to the TFOs, and details on the rewards can all be found on the Star Trek Online site.


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