Bungie Is Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary With Destiny 2 DLC…That You Have To Buy?

On top of that, it won’t work with Cross Save.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Bungie 30th Anniversary

It’s weird to think that Bungie is about to turn 30, but…here we are with me feeling like I’m living in a time vortex. Of course, that’s not the important thing here. The important thing is how the company plans to celebrate the big 3-0. As you might expect, the celebration involves in-game content – particularly for Destiny 2. What you might not expect is that this is content you’re going to have to purchase, well, MOST of it has to be purchased.

The company announced the 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2, which they state will function as DLC like Beyond Light or Shadowkeep, in their most recent This Week at Bungie post. The post also states that since the pack is this type of DLC, it “will be accessible exclusively on the platform it was purchased regardless of Cross Save setup”. Meaning if you’re one of those folks who like to mix up your gaming platforms since sometimes the couch is just more comfortable, you’re gonna need to buy more than one copy and the DLC runs $25 or it can be purchased in a Witch Queen bundle for $99.

What exactly players will get if they don't opt to buy the DLC is a tad unclear and probably won't be sorted out publicly until close to the December 7th release. What you can expect is a match made mode (maybe something like Override), an iconic weapon to collect (but we don't know if it'll be new or not), and some other baubles.

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tacomancer 2 years ago
As a long-time Destiny player (since House of Wolves), this is a sour taste. Back then, the Gjallerhorn was the OP weapon of choice. Player will pay the $99 for the Gjallerhorn and Bungie knows this, part of me believes that's why they made purchasing the pack the only means of getting the weapon, at least for now smh.

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