Some Of Bungie’s Copyright Claims Against AimJunkies Have Been Dismissed

The battle is not over yet, as Bungie can still refile these claims with additional evidence.

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Bungie VS AimJunkies

In a complaint filed in a Seattle federal court last June, Bungie accused of copyright and trademark infringement. The same claims were also made against Phoenix Digital Group, the alleged creators of the software. AimJunkies hit back with a motion to dismiss, according to the cheat seller, citing that no law prohibits cheating. Not only that, but the company also denied Bungie’s copyright infringement allegations. AimJunkies went on to say that these claims don’t even belong in federal court either, seeing as Bungie’s own License Agreement (LSLA) prescribed that, aside from copyright and trademark issues, all disputes should be resolved by mandatory arbitration.

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Zilly has reviewed both sides and has dismissed the copyright claims as Bungie failed to show and prove that AimJunkies copied its work. Judge Zilly has also agreed to refer the non-copyright and trademark-related claims to arbitration, as AimJunkies requested.

Still, not all of Bungie’s claims were dismissed. Judge Zilly did confirm that Bungie’s trademark infringement accusations are sufficiently pled, so the case could go ahead based on that allegation. AimJunkies have a victory in their pocket with the dismissal of the copyright infringement claims, but Bungie can still refile these claims with additional evidence and, on top of that, the trademark accusations also still remain.

AimJunkies spoke with TorrentFreak and said that they were not commenting on the matter just yet. The group did, however, stress that they were in the final stages of selling the AimJunkies websites to a Ukrainian group of Investors.

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