Bungie’s Lack Of Destiny 2 Communication Is On Purpose – Because Of “Real Threats” Against The Company And Employees

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Bungie Studio Threats

If Bungie’s uncharacteristic cutback on communication with Destiny 2 players has you worried that something is wrong, it is. It’s just not in the way you’re probably thinking. This isn’t one of those, “We’re not ready like we thought we’d be, so let’s just go dark for a bit,” scenarios. Bungie’s drop in communication is due to something more serious.

Earlier this month, we reported that Bungie was suing a player. Some of the complaints were for the normal stuff Bungie sues players for – cheating. But, there were also allegations that the player threatened to burn the Destiny 2 studio down and made threats against one of the game’s community managers and their family. According to the same community manager’s reply on a Reddit thread regarding Bungie’s lack of communication, this is exactly the kind of stuff that contributed to the company’s pullback.

As DMG notes in their reply, the company has been dealing with harassment, but not just people being general rude jerks on Twitter or “vague comments”. They state that “there have been real threats towards [their] people and [their] studio”, and that they’re taking those threats seriously. Part of that means reducing communication while they work on strategies to prevent this kind of stuff going forward.

Another thing they addressed in the reply was the individual they were replying to saying they don’t agree with the idea that harassment and death threats should cause the studio to quit communicating with players – partially because “you’ll never find harassment of the type [being described] if you check social media." As DMG points out, just because you’re not seeing it on Twitter doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. (For those unaware, email and snail mail do still exist.)

On the topic of not seeing things, DMG also points out that the team is still checking threads and talking about feedback, so not seeing a lot of public activity from the company doesn’t mean they’re not doing anything.

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