Bungie Teams Ups With Bioware To Bring The Normandy Crew To Destiny 2

It’s a little shocking it took this long for it to happen.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Destiny 2 Mass Effect Crossover

Get ready folks. On February 13, players will be able to get a little Mass Effect in their Destiny 2. Bungie has teamed up with Bioware and EA to introduce the Normandy Crew Bundle, featuring armors and sets inspired by Commander Shepard, Garrus, and Liara. The bundle, available in the game’s store, includes an N7 armor set for Titans, a Vakarian set for Hunters, and a Shadow Broker set for Warlocks. In addition, an Alliance Requisitions Bundle will be available for free. This bundle includes an Enhanced Defense Ghost Shell, an Alliance Scout Frigate Ship, and an Alliance Drop Ship Sparrow. There will also be an Omni Strike finisher and Flux Dance emote available.

Before that happens, however, players can begin taking on some special weekly quests named Riven’s Wishes. These will be available in the shooter through March 12 and players can earn tokens that can be traded in for rewards by completing them. There are three types of wishes to choose from: strength, protection, and beauty. Each provides players with special items.

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