Lovers of Steam and Cabal Online, rejoice. You can now add the free-to-play MMO to your ever-expanding library of shame. (Hey… At least it’ll be one game you’ve played on there.) ESTsoft announced that the game is available on the gaming platform, also noting that it will feature all the recent updates made available on PC and Mac.

To celebrate the game’s launch on steam, the developers are holding launch events between now and March 22. Full details on how to participate are available on the Steam page, but you will need to start by visiting Event Girl Yul in Green Dispare to find the target level for your range.

AND! To celebrate the Steam release ESTsoft has given us a bunch of Blessing Bead Plus codes to give away. You can grab your key on our giveaway post.

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  1. Cabal? More like CaBALLS..cause it sucks some serious balls even for F2P. $hit game, dead game, cry about it salty fanboys.

  2. “Oh neat, Cabal’s on steam now? I haven’t played that in forever”
    *installs Cabal*
    *opens the game settings option in the launcher*
    *changes game settings*
    *presses OK*
    *launcher crashes*
    *tries 3 more times, the launcher crashes every time*
    *uninstalls Cabal*

  3. lol what a joke i launched the game and a disconnection error to server every time i know its not me because i have a power/quality pc

  4. Me and my friends here on brazil were hoping so much to play this game, after it was released some of ppl here were so happy, till we found we’ve received region block on this game, damm i am soo disapointed about this, very sad, i was expecting to revive old moments of my live as a player cuz ive played this game for like what? 2-3 years i think, and it was one of the greatest mmo ive ever played


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