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It still feels a little weird writing about WildStar on MMOBomb, but I suppose that will pass soon enough. In the meantime, NCSoft and Carbine Studios have a lot to say about the changes they’ll be making to the game in the August update that will add lots of content and make the game better for players new and old.

Players who are brand new to the planet Nexus will see a new tutorial, based on their experience level with MMOs, while the starting area, the Arkship, will be revamped to better see to their needs. Stats are also being reworked and pared down to four basic stats, while dungeons will “provide a consistent challenge and make completion times more forgiving.”

The new content includes two new areas, the Alpha Sanctum and the Cryo-Plex PvP arena, and there will be a new focus on player communities, which let groups of up to 20 players combine their housing plots — for defensive purposes only, we’re sure.

There’s also a bit to say on the payment model, including news that should be welcome to long-time players:

WildStar’s new rewards program will enable players to earn rewards points by purchasing or spending NCoin, enrolling in a Signature Plan or redeeming C.R.E.D.D. Earning points will also be retroactive, so anyone who has previously invested in WildStar will have a number of very cool rewards waiting for them. As players earn points, they will continue to climb through multiple tiers of rewards.

Sound like a good deal to you? Let us know what you think!

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  1. Also it will be 4 or 5 ppl that can unite their housing plots , not 20 as the article says . 20 is the max number of players that can have permissions to place decor and such on these big plots .

  2. Stats are not getting reworked into only 4 base stats , there’s alot more to it .
    This is copied from a dev post on the forums:
    “AP/SP are now ‘core’ stats on an item. Each item, instead of simply armor, now has AP/SP, armor, and health and they are determined mostly by the ilvl of that item. The item, based on rarity, then has a collection of other stats (such as crit, multi-hit, vigor, intensity, glance, deflect, etc).

    The old six ‘base’ stats (Brutality, Finesse, Moxie, Tech, Insight, Grit) no longer exist.

  3. I bet if this game was free from the start as promised, it would have atleast 10 if not more servers, not just 2 dying. Couz it doesnt blow u away with anything its same boring grind to level up, ppl doesnt mind grinding as long as it has some meaning like runing around areas for mats and cool stuff u could actually use, but spending weeks for contest u wont need the minute u reach the level cap… please(yes theres ppl doing that just for the story good for them but its like 1 out of 10 and the story doesnt blow u away either so…) WIldstar going free to play few months later Blade and Soul coming to the west coincidence ? At last but not least devs this days just make a game and leave it for dead, theres this saying if u dont know what to do look at the guy next to you… so you are trying to steal portion of Blizzard`s success do as they do, I mean WoW is like 8gb game and 50gb patches do the math…

    • I enjoyed wildstar in a different way id say. It plays different than wow. The combat is very focused on movement and aiming telegraphs accordingly. So I dont think its a “wow clone”. It had many other flaws when the box copy came out which were not resolved in an adequate amount of time. I think thats why it didnt do well. Then no one wanted to resub again just to see if *insert one of multiple issues* was fixed.

      • Just to make clear one thing. Yes they play different, but what it felt to me is they are quite similar to each other in many other things. Action, tab targeting its personal preference for me theres no difference I like them both… they are both mmorpg if you still wonder where that comparison came from.

        • I do see where you are coming from. Personally I absolutely loved the hybrid tab target / action aiming telegraphs. Aiming for aoes and such. As for mmorpg mechanics. I think all games need the baseline at least for purposes of retention and play ability. Its how you execute it that would make a game feel different. Wildstar definitely excelled at a few points. IE housing, crafting, mounts, appearance customization, dungeon trash mob approaches, minigames. Unfortunately other areas were poorly done and if not worse than your copy paste mmorpg. IE auction house, horrible gear stat design and class scaling, dailies, rep grinds, dungeon balance, progression (basically the core of an endgame all poorly done). I just wish they would have focused on fixing those before adding new content. Would probably be doing pretty well at this point.

          • Idk basically what im getting at is alot of the game has its own feel to it and definitely dont think it should be compared to WoW in those terms. If anything its more action than tab targeting if youd ask me.

    • im not defending wildstar since i played it and i wasnt impressed with it, but wow is a game from a different league, you cant compare both

      blizzard has millions of users backing them with money so they can release patches with humongous amounts of content, while other titles release a few new zones, a new character or class and deem it an expansion

      wow has come a long way and it will probably become 60-70 gb in 5 years or so

      and just to correct you, original wow was 5gb, tbc made it 8gb

      • Soo they can spam all over the net. Wildstar is created from team wich also worked to WoW, but we cant compare them right…. Plus i meant that GB comparison not as mere numbers, what I meant is they already announced 2 upcoming expansions by the time they released the gigantic WoD expansion… I hope we made that clear.


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