Shadowverse, a strategic CCG previously found on mobile devices, is now available on Steam. Developed by Cygames — Shadowverse features seven campaign stories, over 500 cards, and the ability to evolve cards mid battle.

The launch on Steam follows the game’s most recent mobile content update, “Darkness Evolved.” The new update introduces 100 more cards and implements features to gear the game for eSports.

To celebrate the launch, any players who log into the PC version of the game prior to November 30 at 6:59 am PT will receive 5 Standard Card Pack tickets. More information on Shadowverse can be found on both the official game site and Steam.

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  1. nice art style and animation but holy hell the enemyplayer had 10 hp left and i had max health and all he did was put 2 super rare cards and absolutly destroyed me gg m8 git gud at paying i suppose

      • it’s a pretty good game compared to hearthstone where you open 50 packs and get no legendary, i open 10 packs and end up with 3 legendaries.

    • Ikr? The card games are kinda annoying it feels like they been flooding off and on all year long. But this is the first anime themed card game I’ve seen.

      • Well the annoying thing is actually, that the current trend causes consumer fatigue.
        Of cause that is understandable if everything and everyone is using TCG-/CCG-elements in some way or form.
        This has a negative effect on indie/start-up companies (like ours), who already have it hard enough to break into the physical cardgame market.
        And this situation won’t change for the next one-and-half year or so.
        Sadly, originality won’t have an effect either, for it does not look good in the eyes of the investors and, a little funny paradox, the players. They rather not spend 10 mins longer on a game, but willingly seek out the p2w-ish TCGs/CCGs that have an identity crisis, due to the same face problem…

        …sorry, I started ranting for no good reason ^^;

      • Sad and it feels like it’s been happening since blizzard released hearthstone in my opinion. Hearthstone probably wasn’t the first card game to be made not 100% sure but it feels like they recently began flooding ever since then. even elder scrolls online made their own card game.

        • Your right, hearthstone isn’t the first card game. Hell if I remember correctly it gets some ideas from other card games out there. But it was the first one to get pretty successful. Of course there are tons of card games, online ones, that came out waaay before hearthstone. Only difference is that Hearthstone became very popular while the others didn’t.

        • And since hearthstone is very popular it’s like people are flooding the market with these games to try to get a piece of the cashflow that hearthstone is making lol. If it keeps happening like they they will ruin the card game genre and make it worthless. But personally I like hearthstone because it’s a decent size playerbase and they have tournaments and ect.

          • it’s a shame Carte and Swordgirls didn’t become a hit those two were pretty good games

            but carte didn’t have enough cards and both games didn’t advertise properly, swordgirls was nice but their artwork were too revealing

            shadowverse is a great game and is far more rewarding than hearthstone will ever be, the only downside so far is that there isn’t much pve content.

            but hey atleast i don’t have to open over 50 packs to obtain 1 legendary, i was surprised how often i earn them and unlike hearthstone you recieve alot of free packs just for completing the tutorial.

          • Agreed. I like shadowverse. I like carte and swordgirls I’m not a huge fan of it for alot of reasons like the artwork and the gameplay and ect.


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