CCP Games has finally revealed its follow-up to Dust 514. Earlier today at Eve Fanfest in Iceland, the company showed off Project Nova, a free-to-play shooter set in the Eve universe made by the same team responsible for Dust and Project Legion.

Unlike the wide-open spaces of Dust 514, Project Nova is more constrained, with the demo level at Fanfest taking place aboard a ship, though planetside battlegrounds are in development. The demo level appeared to be control-point based, with the soldiers sporting a few high-tech gadgets, such as stealth fields and a shield generator.

There also appear to be several customization options, with mercenaries choosing from light, medium, or heavy loadouts to help fulfill various roles on a team. Crucially, Project Nova will be available on PCs, unlike its predecessor, Dust 514, which was a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The video at the top shows off some gameplay, but we’re hopeful CCP will release its own video, once it realizes that “exclusives” at conventions don’t mean a thing when ordinary people (in this case, a fan by the name of Dennie Fleetfoot) can post inferior videos to YouTube. Still, what’s your first impression of Project Nova?


  1. seriously they are not going that route again are they ? Did they really not understand why dust failed in the first place ? Sigh whatever its their money let them burn through it… its all paid by eve online subscribers anyway. If I was a subscriber I would be questioning this kind of spending of cash by this company.

  2. Why are CCP so bad at making subsidiary games to their eve?
    Because they are far to possessed by their game eve they can’t let go of the idea & create a new idea. The trailer does not do any justice to what very little talent is left in the team. Its looks kind of boring, As a matter of fact, its just the norm, another CCP copy & paste project that fails yet again. CCP need to wake up a& change their whole team, ideas, & frozen location.
    Iceland is too cold & that’s probably why their ideas are still frozen in time.

  3. I had alot of fun in dust, I’m looking forward to this for sure. Just hope they go for a slightly less annoying gun purchase system this time

    • I feel you there. that was the one thing I hated about that game. once you get to a high enough level to purchase a cool gun, you had to buy like 10 them because when die you loose your freaking weapon. what a stupid system.


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