CD Projekt Red Considering Menstrual Leave After Subsidiary GOG Announces Initiative

The new GOG policy was announced earlier this month.

QuintLyn Bowers
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CD Projekt Red Menstrual Leave

Here's an interesting bit of news to end your week with. You may have missed it earlier this month, particularly if you don’t look at Linked In, but CD Projekt Red subsidiary GOG announced a new initiative offering employees with a menstrual cycle menstrual leave.

As those who experience them know, menstrual cycles can be uncomfortable at best and absolute misery at worst. Of course, it depends on the person in question, but having this option could be a boon for both employee and employer, as it allows the employee to be at their best while at work.

Since GOG is part of CD Projekt Red, Destructoid asked the Gwent developer whether or not they’d be implementing it across the board. In response, they stated that "GOG is spearheading this initiative, and we're looking into it further for the whole CD Projekt". So, we may see it implemented for the entire company in time. Of course, the original initiative, led by GOG's culture and communication manager Gabriela Siemienkowicz, is likely a testing ground to see how it works out before implementing it more broadly.

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Discussion (3)

sarcs 1 year ago
As a woman I 100% dislike this. I think this is walking backwards instead of forward.
this will make any hiring manager feel uneasy to hire a woman, more than they already are.
This is why Im 100% in favor of same time parental leave between both for example
so for a company its the same to hire a man or a woman
menstrual leave is ridiculous and puts us several decades back.

fieryduck 1 year ago
This sounds ridiculous (like how much of today's modern principles seemed to be at their outset). However, I hope this becomes a thing, and this should be a paid leave. As if it is not already enough that if two-person, one male and female, with the same expertise and years of experience, doing the same job, the former will be (or most likely to be) better paid.

keesasha 1 year ago
I'm all for it AS LONG AS THEY DON'T GET PAID FOR IT or it uses a paid leave day. It would be the biggest d*ck move if they did get paid, imagine staying home once a month and getting money while the rest of the team does the work for you...

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