Celebrate 40 Years Of G.I. Joe In World Of Tanks With Events And Two New Commanders

Cover Girl and Baroness take to the battlefield as commanders.

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World of Tanks GI Joe

G.I. Joe is turning 40. That’s the toy line, not the cartoons. Remember, the 80s were big on creating cartoons to sell already existing toys, but we digress. There’s a point here, and that point is that Wargaming has decided to celebrate that milestone with a G.I. Joe crossover in World of Tanks. It seems like a more logical crossover than many we’ve seen. After all, tank fans seem like a crowd inclined to like G.I. Joe.

The event will introduce new 3D styles, two new commanders, retro decals, and inscriptions for each faction. There will also be a themed web event. The two new commanders are Cover Girl and The Baroness – one representative for each side. Each comes with their own 3D style vehicle, Cover Girl’s Wolverine and Baroness’ Cobra C.A.T. The first is for the Strv S1 Tank, while the second is for the M54 Renegade tank

During the event, players will also be able to take on daily missions that will offer them plenty of rewards. The missions will change...well, daily...and each day’s mission will be listed on the game’s site.

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