Aion is celebrating its ninth cake-month. All throughout the rest of September, players can take part in some of their favorite anniversary events. And, yes… there will be cake… lots of cake.

In fact, the first event — which kicks off tomorrow — is all about cake. Between now and October 3 players can grab a slice of Daeva’s Day Cake in one of the capital cities and reap the benefits. Those benefits being a 100% XP bonus and a 20% bonus drop rate over a period of two hours. On September 22, eating a slice of cake will pretty much double those benefits for a period of six hours.

While the cake event is going on, players will also be able to take part in Kromede’s Revenge and earn some awesome rewards for infiltrating the Smoldering Fire Temple with a friend.

Finally, between September 19 and September 26, players will also get some pretty hefty boosts — XP, drop rate, gathering XP, and crafting — automatically. Honestly, if you’ve been away from the game for a while, the next few weeks seem like a good time to hop in and get caught up.

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