As Archlord 2 is currently in its pre-registration phase, it hasn’t kept developer/publisher WEBZEN from showcasing what adventure is abound in the upcoming fantasy-based MMORPG. A recent press release gave some insight on what the core game features are going to be, as well as a preview of these very features in the trailer above.

A classless character system promises to make a very unrestricted gameplay experience, allowing the player to choose what direction they see fit with which weapon they ultimately choose to wield. With 4 different weapons to choose from that each highlight a particular combat role within battle. Equipping one of the four weapons will give players archetype specific skills to choose from.

Combat within Archlord 2 features a combo system know as chained skills, which can only be used according to a specific pattern. Perfect timing results in a chain of successful attacks that grant themselves over one after another.

Find out more at the wikia the Community Management team has been putting together.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. from what i`ve seen from this trailer its tab targeting game with generic gameplay,so i might try it but i dont think it will have succes on this year,maybe if it was in 2011 or lower it could,but in 2014 we want good game with good gameplay and without tab targeting,something like Tera online,this game is crap and when the other games like Swordman online or Blade and Soul appear this game will bankrupt and go to sea xD,so its nothing special,only a new game with old generic gameplay and shiny graphics.

    • Whose we? Because I don’t care one way or another as long as I enjoy playing the game. I don’t play Tera anymore because I got bored with it. Tab target or not, I just want a fun game.

    • Buggy i can tell u 1 thing BnS is boring as hell not as boring as Tera but its always the same thing over and over, the combat is not bad but is nothing special, i had more fun in Aion then in Tera and BnS, if u want a good game wait for Archeage it is tabtargeting but is a great game seting up the bar for f2p

  2. What the hell did I just watch…? How is this showing off ANYTHING? Aside from the graphics and even that’s hard to really appreciate with the terrible camera and cuts. I mean seriously…

    This video does not show me anything. I don’t know if every skill auto locks on or if you have to actually aim. I don’t know if you can dodge by simply moving out of the way of a skill, can’t tell if you can block/parry or if it’s automatic/% based on stats. Honestly… /shakehead

  3. Trailers like this should just be banned or ignored.
    Honestly what’s the point. What gameplay did it show off exactly? Not once did it go from a players perspective showing off what it was capable of. This was just an orgy of poorly strung together 1 second clips.

    This is worse than those “pro” CoD montages where people string together the 15 kills they got in 50 deaths to look like they’re actually not terrible.

  4. I dont get it how these stupid asians keep spamming their weird trash games that no one plays,
    guess even the worst game has its own community that gets ripped off?

  5. “Lets move the camera around a lot and make it really hard to get a good look at anything and maybe the game will look passable” – Director of video

      • dude you cant posiboly tell the game looks like shit thare is just no way…

        1e u cant play the Korea version
        2e u cant tel from this video its shit
        3e the graphics are amazing
        4e this will be 1 of the best games for years
        5e enjoy ur shity life in wich u see nice stuff as shit

        • If you are even the tiniest bit observant you can see that the combat looks like shit. Sure the graphics might be fancy but that’s just the coat for the shits that inside.

          This is just gonna be another korean MMO with 100% generic uninteresting combat.

      • @100%notapedophile
        You must have “shit” in your eyes which is why you only see things look like “shit”, not every game is made for the sake of people like you. They made a wise decision not to aim for an audience who only sees “shit” which is probably why they don’t give a “shit”. lol


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