Metin2 is under a curse — the Curse of the Serpent Queen, to be exact. That’s the title of the free-to-play MMO’s latest update, which goes live one week from today and adds a new zone, new dungeon, new bosses, and rewards to match.

Serpent Queen Nethis is probing the far east of Yohara to seek out a treasure that will grant her immense power. Naturally, it’s up to players to fight her off, venturing into the ancient cursed temple that turned her and her followers into serpentine monsters. The Serpent Temple dungeon promises to be a challenge for adventurers, who have to deal with new mechanics as they race against the clock to dodge the curse.

The other new dungeon is simply called “Mysterious Dungeon” and takes the form of a “twisted maze” filled with various monster spawns and rewards that include high-level weapons and a new talisman. Surrounding these new instances is the area of Yilad Pass, which includes a new storyline that puts players on the path to challenge the Serpent Queen. Best all the challenges the new lands have for you to forge your own set of Serpentine Armor.

Curse of the Serpent Queen goes live in Metin2 on February 23.

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