By now, most Star Trek Online Players are familiar with the game’s No Win Scenario TFOs, Kobayashi Maru and Arena of Sompek. Previously these challenges appeared in game as individual events, but this time players will have a chance to do both.

The No Win Scenarios Event is part of the larger Event Campaign II, in which players work to earn enough points to recieve the big Grand Prize. Every day, players can choose to complete either the Kobayashi Maru or Arena of Sompek TFO. Or, depending on how much time they have, they can complete both as many times as they like. At the end of the event, those that have accrued 14 days’ worth of Daily Progress will be able to claim a Flyable Scaling T4 Freighter — Kobayashi Maru or Trong’Duj. They’ll also recieve an Epic Admiralty Ship, TFO reward boxes, and 25,000 Dilithium Ore. Details on the ships’ stats can be found on the STO site.

The No Win Scenario event is scheduled to kick off on June 4 and run through June 25 on PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait until June 30 to take part in the event.


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