Champions Online launched on the first day of September, 11 years ago, and Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are throwing a month-long party to celebrate. Each of the next four weeks will have giveaways and events, with the first week commemorating “classic Anniversary Events.”

Head into to Millennium City right now and talk to Top Ten, who will send you out to find various citizens throughout the city. You can also rescue lost cats — as every hero should — and Sapphire is putting on a concert and there will be “the biggest cake ever.” Log in for your chance to get special gifts from heroes and villains, which could include the Retro Mindslayer Headpiece, and a new sidekick, Toh-Kah. Details on all the goings-on can be found here.

Something else new coming to CO today is the option from the in-game tailor to swap your character’s gender. Costume pieces that don’t have a counterpart for the other gender will be removed, and you can switch back and forth at will, for free. While it’s not something everyone will want to take advantage of, considering all the other radical changes superheroes (and villains) have undergone through the years, this one seems relatively mild.

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