Blade & Soul‘s next update will hit servers in just a week. When it does, it’ll add a new Lair, Lyn Gunslingers, Legend Mode, and a few other things. It will also make important changes to several of the game’s existing systems.

To prepare players for these changes, the dev team posted a blog entry detailing some of the more important things that will soon impact the game. These include changes to dungeons, several skill and stat changes, and a weapon upgrade cost reduction.

There are two different kinds of dungeon changes — as part of them concentrate specifically on hard difficulty dungeons. Particularly, the devs wanted to offer rewards that are more in line with the difficulty of these dungeons. Not only are they upgrading specific items, but they’ll also be offering new items as well.

As for the rest of the dungeon changes, these impact existing dungeons individually and include things like being able to use Dragonblood in more dungeons and reducing NPC Attack Power in the Tower of Infinity and Trial Arena.

In the area of skills, the update includes skill balances, reduction in Hongmoon Skill costs, and the addition of new customization options. Weapon Upgrade Costs are also being reduced.

Of course, this is just a small summary of some of the changes coming in this update. Full details on the update will be available next week in the patch notes.

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