Christmas And New Year's Content Comes To World Of Warships, Includes New Battle Pass And Competitive Gift-Delivering Event

Two teams of Santa Clauses from the North and South Poles go head-to-head in the "Carol Clash" event.

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World of Warships Event 1

Wargaming has released World of Warships' December update to celebrate the Christmas and New Year holiday seasons and five years on the Steam platform. Players can participate in "Carol Clash," an event that pits two teams of Santa Clauses head-to-head in a gift-delivering competition and enjoy free goodies and content.

In Carol Clash, players will represent either the North or South Poles. Completing the event rewards them with different rewards. However, the fastest team of Santas will win one of two themed Commanders and permanent camouflages for the Tier X Destroyer Holland or Tier X Battleship Conqueror.

World of Warships Event 2

The December update also awards players with Coal, Steel, Research Points, and New Year's Certificates by playing with Tier V and higher ships across different modes. Players can exchange the New Year's Certificate for 375,000 Credits or any of the three types of Santa's Gift containers with themed prizes. They can get the event containers from the all-new New Year's Battle Pass across the free and premium track filled with boosters, resources, and more.

Outside the festivities, the Hamburg Dockyard returns to the World of Warships for shipwrights to build the Tier IX Admiral Schröder. The cruiser is equipped with eight 305 mm guns in four main battery turrets, suited for medium and short-range combat, and has decent armor protection. Players must grind through 30 phases of building and completing missions to put the vessel together. Meanwhile, fans could earn a free Tier VII battleship Renown '44, a new port slot, and a 6-skill Commander during building.

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