Warframe‘s been offering free goodies for Twitch Prime members for years, and now it’s World of Tanks‘ turn to get in on the action. From now until Nov. 30, Twitch Prime members can claim a bundle of prizes, whether they play WoT on PC or on consoles.

The prize package includes an elite female commander, the Valentine II tank, emblem, and medal, along with other loot that’s different for each platform. You can claim the prizes for both your World of Tanks PC account and for World of Tanks: Mercenaries on Xbox and PlayStation 4. The only difference is that the PC loot is available now, while the console loot won’t be available until Oct. 30.

In both cases, you’ll need a Twitch Prime account — for many, secured via an Amazon Prime account — to claim them. Learn more about the PC and consoles offers for World of Tanks here and here.

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