Some unexpectedly early additions will be coming in Rift‘s new 2.7 patch, leveling the playing field by providing every calling with new souls to perform all of the roles within the game. Revealing the Liberator soul for the Warrior and the Oracle soul for the Cleric, it is still a little unclear as to what options 2.7 will bring for both Rogue and Mage.

The new Liberators will not be passive healers, as leading and jumping into the chaos of battle is still their main objective as warriors. They’ll instead convert that combative energy into the necessary means to heal large parties around them while dishing damage out at close range. The Oracle uses water and death magic to buff and debuff large parties, creating a support Cleric that can provide help and convenience through many facets.

As for the Mage’s Arbiter soul, and the Physician soul for the Rogue, information regarding these new additions is expected to follow in the next couple of days.

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  1. Haters will hate (and apparently do so while still not learning proper English in school).

    Rift is amazing and transcends what WoW ever did due to amazing graphics, game play and flexibility in character choice and development. There is a huge range of end game static and dynamic content and more than enough shards full of people that play regularly.

    I play on a moderately built AMD system and have no issues with smooth frame rates. The game has one of the best F2P models out there and is still taking on new players all the time. The game certainly is not “dead” or “dying” by any stretch, and to say that just shows the ignorance of all the trolls on this thread.


  2. The game was destined to fade away. It had some great ideas, but has failed to implement them in a way that keeps the players engaged in the game longer than a few months. I lost interest after the wave of stupid mounts… like the squirrel mount!

    I don’t think the developers are even taking the game serious anymore! Just throw in there whatever can stop (hopefully) the ship from completely sinking.

  3. Let me clarify to all who thinks its bad.

    It failed early coz it was a p2p game with sub and not everyone can get a success which WOW had once.

    In the current state game is one of the best in features.Graphics if u run in max settings are awesome.And no its not just grinding alone.There are more features in the game one can imagine.
    One can do rifts,world event,world boss,zone boss,etc too with addition of raid,bgs and dungeons.

    Only a casual player with just little skills can discard such game or u dont have friends lol.

  4. The game is basically dead right now do to lack of end game as all their is is a iffy PvP system, while you have games like WoW and Aion who offer a surplus of things to do at end game like Raid, have huge 25 on 25 or in Aions sake 50 to 100 on 50 to 100, but in the end Rift is a well developed game with a lack of features to pull the players interest further into the game.

  5. ^Where’d all the illiterate morons flood in from all at once

    Anyway, I don’t see why they keep updating a dead horse. It’s already dead, some tassels and bells wont make it any less dead at this point.
    Gamers are moving away from shitty casual trash MMOs. The fall of WoW is really proving that.

  6. This game is graphically instensive and it doesnt look aesthetically pleasing at all. Its engine is like from 2002. I simply couldnt stand te game. I got to lvl 30 and the game just turned to shit for me. i just didnt liek ti.

    • Yea I get it….having a pentium 4 with lowest graphic settings will always lead to shitty graphics.
      Have u tried it in highest settings? bet u dont know,stupid hater.

      That game is by far has the most customization of classes one can have.More than “WOW” or any other decent mmorpg.

      And if u judge the game merely on graphics then WOW is also shit for u? it has even more so called “shitty”.

    • Agreed 100% It is processing nothing but flowers and clouds. MEanwhile, the armor models are puke and everything else is grey. MY first experience as level 1 I ran into end game characters int he town castle, no one looked really that different than me in my noob armor. Then as I hit level cap…yeah, all crap. I do not expect “glowy techno” suits, but at least some flare and fluff for grinding our asses off. I find it sad people actually paid sub for this XD

      • i playd this game for 1 week and got borred to because it has to much stuff into it thets rly uninteresant… and if u talk about customization try FFXIV
        grafikaly up 2 date (its still a mmo!)
        unique class system
        and toons of stuff… but its still interesant because the stuff it have isnt thet 0815 crap….

        • FFXIV customization?
          Everyone has exactly the same gear, and LOOKS THE SAME, at endgame.
          Can’t use crafted gear at all, can’t customize or add on to armor pieces.
          Can’t vary your class with other abilities in any meaningful way.
          Can’t use a different role.

          It’s an undertuned noobfest.

  7. Moun… Nahh that sounds stupid m butfuky. Hi. First comment here. Rift is ok. Easy 3/5. Bad pvp dungeons and end game.


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