En Masse Entertainment’s action RPG Closers entered Closed Beta testing today, bringing it closer to official launch in North America and Europe. To celebrate the launch, En Masse is hosting several in-game events for those participating in Closed Beta, including offering daily login rewards. These events will run through Tuesday, December 5th.

In addition, starting Saturday, November 11th, players will be gifted with consumable items during the first two hours of playtime each weekend day they play through December 19th. Players will also be rewarded with Fatigue Points that can be exchanged for Gift Tokens — which can be spent on pieces of the full Gifted Cadet Uniform in game.

As always, entry into the CBT isn’t guaranteed… unless… you purchase one of the game’s Founder’s Packs. There are four packs, ranging in price from $14.99 to $149.99. Packs can be bought on the Closers site.

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  1. I dont know what I expected from Enmasse to be honest. When I saw those founderspack… I cried a little. I realized that this game, will be another failure like elsword was in the west, with the worst events, the worst costumer support. No love for us users, not like our korean overlords that try to at least give us stuff and ask nicely for our money… No, I feel it in my bones, just like in elsword west, we will be forced to cash harder, never to get nice events, with nice freebies to reward the hard playing player… Im sad, for I love this game, and for a second I belived that Enmasse or Nadic, will try to keep their game save from the greed that is to port games from KR

    • EnMasse have lost it, to be fair. They used to be good but like all of the other publisher/developer teams, they can’t help themselves when it comes to milking people. Same old shit, different game.
      My interest in MMORPGs have significantly diminished the past few years (although, I still linger for “the one” game that will redeem the genre).

      • The sad state of mmorpg… It really hurts since I have been a long time gamer online. From loot boxes, to microtransactions, to founders packs, to overprincing since no regulations exist…

        It kills me, but just like you, I have hope, hope for those gems that come once in a blue moon

  2. tried the closed alpha.. It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.. for me the controls where too slow and clunky guess they like that over there ? Graphics are from something in the early 21st era… was a let down for me at anyway.


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